The Popularity of Candid Wedding Photography

May 23, 2017 by Just Marry!

The Popularity of Candid Wedding Photography

Today we’re happy to be featuring another wonderful guest post by Ronnie Berg with The American Wedding! Having been in business since 1919, this company has served generations of satisfied customers with their quality and values. Today Ronnie is sharing some of the knowledge and predictions the company has gathered through their staff of more than 250 great employees.

Read on to learn more about candid wedding photography!

The Popularity of Candid Wedding Photography

Like all things, wedding photography has gone through some significant changes over the years. For a very long time, wedding photography has been all about the straight poses, the good posture, and the uniform setups. Generally speaking, the bride and groom would stand in between their wedding parties, with groomsmen along one side and bridesmaids along the other.

While these photos are great for showing off all of the beautiful people in a wedding party, a lot of the photographic evidence from the wedding day tends to be a bit drab. What happened before the ceremony? How did everyone feel? What did the dance floor look like? There are so many special moments that happen during a wedding day that it is hard to remember them through a handful of stiff photos where personalities aren’t really showcased.

The New Approach

A handful of mindfully-posed photos are always nice; however, a new trend has been happening in wedding photography that results in more genuine images: candid photography.

This kind of photography occurs while people are in the act of something, without realizing they’re being photographed or ignoring the presence of a camera. The idea is that photographers will allow their muses to act natural and continue with whatever they’re doing, allowing the photographer to catch these moments au naturel. Whether this means taking photos while the bridesmaids get ready or getting great moments on the dance floor, photographers simply float around the action capturing people “in the moment.”

The Benefits

There are lots of benefits to embracing candid photography, both for the photographer as well as the people being documented. Some of the benefits of this approach include:

A Relaxed Atmosphere

Not everyone loves to have their photo taken, and some people who are in wedding parties may be nervous or uncomfortable when it comes time for photos. With candid photography, the pressure to pose and create photogenic smiles isn’t always necessary. In fact, real emotions and genuine expressions are ideal for candid photography.

Even if the moment calls for lots of tears or a serious moment before the music, hopefully people are enjoying themselves throughout the event. This is a much more comfortable option for everyone and an easier way for photographers to get genuine faces and feelings.

Less Demanding

Often, photographers and wedding parties are whisked away for hours at a time to get the perfect group photo. This often means having to schedule a large chunk of the day for photos when wedding parties could, instead, be enjoying the day with friends and families.

With candid photography, photographers are able to take photos from the start of the day to the very end, getting all kinds of great photos that far exceed staged photos. The needs of the photographer will be far less demanding when they can spend the majority of the day snapping away, instead of having to wait for specific times to get pictures. This makes it far more manageable for children who are included in the photos as well.

More Genuine

Brides and grooms know their guests very well, which is why they ask them to take part in their special day! Unfortunately, not all photographers have the ability to bring out all of these unique personalities in their photos.

Candid photography is the solution for catching all of the great relationships between the happy couple and their closest friends and family members. Being able to catch the special moments and expressions of guests shows off all of their best assets and quirks, which are generally harder to capture in formal photography.

More People Can Take Part

Even though a bride and groom may have a hired photographer for their big day, candid photography doesn’t always have to be done by a professional. Lots of couples opt to have disposable cameras on tables for guests to use, or a specific album where guests can upload their own photos from the big day.

This is the perfect way to get some quality photography from the point of view of guests, and it is a great way to capture moments that the busy bride and groom may have missed. Because this type of photo is so much easier to capture, it’s likely that those who are attending will also get some great spontaneous shots that capture all the great moments.

Why It’s So Popular

Now, more than ever, individuality and uniqueness are being celebrated and encouraged in all walks of our lives. Many of us are lucky to no longer be forced to fit into a specific cookie-cutter type of lifestyle or look, and that means being ourselves and having fun doing it.

Candid photography is a perfect example of how people are learning to let loose and approach life’s little moments with a little more creativity and abandon. Instead of following what our grandparents and parents have done in the past, like taking very traditional photos at their weddings, now we are embracing the welcomed option to be different. Whether it’s through candid photos, fun save the dates, or multi-colored bridesmaid dresses, now is the time to embrace our personal style and preferences.

Examples of Candid Photography

If you want to highlight all of the special moments during your big day, the best place to start is during preparation. Candid photos really can capture the build-up of emotions before the big day, so having someone there to document all of the important feelings and expressions is key.

The morning of the ceremony, consider having some candid photography done of the bridesmaids seeing the bride for the first time or helping her into her dress and shoes. Grooms will want some candid moments of their groomsmen prepping for the day and often having that first celebratory cheers.

Other great options for candid photography include the first bridal reveal, guests’ reactions to the bride, and, of course, the dance party that ensues. Candid photos capture moments in real-time, without planning or organization, so it’s easy for everyone to participate.

All wedding photos are beautiful, whether they’re traditional, candid, or completely by accident! If you’re thinking about the options for your upcoming wedding, be sure to do some research on photographers before you make a decision on who to use. If you’re looking for a mixture of both types of photos, be sure to let them know this ahead of time so that you can get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of to capture every moment of your big day.

Ronnie is the content manager for The American Wedding. When she’s not scouring Pinterest and Instagram for the most adorable weddings, you can find her on her paddleboard with her pugs, Max and Charlie.

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