Tips from a Destination Wedding Planner Planning a Destination Wedding | Planner to Planning

March 30, 2022 by Just Marry!

Tips from a Destination Wedding Planner Planning a Destination Wedding | Planner to Planning

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Planning a wedding can be stressful but planning a destination wedding creates a whole new definition of the word! There are so many unknowns and—even for a wedding planner like me—those unknowns can be downright overwhelming.

Because of this, I was beyond stressed at the thought of planning a destination wedding the moment it was brought up. So, my fiancé and I sat down and had those heavy conversations, and today I’m going to share my experience with you in hopes it helps ease your mind as you plan your own destination wedding!

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Venue selection

We were able to find our venue first because I knew exactly what style of venue I wanted and had already done quite a bit of research. (Yes, that means I had a spreadsheet already made with every possible detail about each venue for comparison purposes!) Before even reaching out to the venue, we watched videos, read blogs, and looked up every image out there. We were set on it, even though we haven’t seen it in person.

Then, we celebrated selecting the venue! You should celebrate the small steps while planning a destination wedding. Otherwise, you won’t celebrate until the wedding day, and what is the fun in that?

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Date selection

We were set on a date because we knew the weather was typically nice at that time of year in our chosen destination, and we fell in love with a specific date that month. We reached out to all our family members and VIP guests to check the date with them, which caused a slight hiccup. My lesson learned? Always check with the people you want to be there when choosing the date for your destination wedding!

My fiancé and I went back and forth on the date again, compared the weather statics from the ten years for each date, watched more videos, read more blogs, looked at more photos, and decided our alternate date was actually better suited for everyone. We reached back out to the venue to secure our new date.

Keep in mind, I had gone back and forth with the venue on the dates, so I felt I had become a bit of a nuisance. I got a thank you card, handwrote my gratitude, and added a little gift card for their care while we sorted out our wedding date. It was the least I could do for their help planning our destination wedding!

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I’m still in the beginning stages of planning my destination wedding and hiring my wedding vendors. I’ve been researching vendors on wedding forums, through the venue’s videos, blogs, and photos, and on social media. My venue also gave me their preferred vendor list, which was a great place to start.

Although I feel it’s a safe bet to hire vendors on the venue’s preferred vendor list, my officiant is an Orlando local. He is from the state we will be getting married in, and it just felt right to come full circle!

I also have an appointment with a local Orlando wedding gown shop, since my mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law (who will be meeting each other for the first time) will be in town. I wanted to have the experience with them both. To be continued if I say yes to the dress!

I feel it’s important to hire vendors who are familiar with the venue when planning a destination wedding. It’s extremely valuable that they have knowledge and experience at a venue that I am entirely unfamiliar with, and it helps that the venue already has a relationship with them. I want my day to operate like a well-oiled machine, and the only way to accomplish that is through an amazing team of vendors!

Wedding planner

So far, I have only reached out to the wedding planners on the list provided by the venue, along with a few others I found in my own research. As I sent the inquiries, I felt that sigh of relief escape, knowing I can put my trust and worries onto a local expert.

I never expected in my profession to feel so overwhelmed when it came to planning my own wedding. However, I underestimated what it is like planning a destination wedding! I very quickly understood the value of what it is that I do for my destination clients, and I am even more grateful to all of the vendors who will bring my destination wedding to life!

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Miscellaneous tasks

I find it mandatory to keep organized and stay on top of things when planning a destination wedding! Since securing the venue and a couple of vendors and talking through the finances with my fiancé, I have created a folder for each service and a budget tracker. This will help me know where I am spending my money, when payments are due, keep track of contracts, etc.

I must admit, I find it a blessing and a curse that I’m a wedding planner. I find myself asking questions that I shouldn’t even know the answers to, nor should I worry about, but I guess it is ingrained in me to be the one “in the know!” I have been sending very personalized “thank you’s” upon signing of contracts, as I know the value of what that service is providing me and feel I need to show how grateful I am, as I have quite literally been there.

It is exciting and stressful all at the same time, so I am making sure to celebrate the highs and roll with the lows. At the end of the day, I just can’t wait to marry the love of my life, and that’s all that truly matters!

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Tips from a Destination Wedding Planner Planning a Destination Wedding | Planner to Planning

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