How to Pack for Your Destination Wedding

April 2, 2018 by badmin

How to Pack for Your Destination Wedding

When you book a wedding with Just Marry!, we don’t just book the ceremony location and hire the talented vendors who will be with you on the big day. We work with you from the moment you first contact us all the way through your “I Dos.” That means we’re often asked many non-wedding related questions about Orlando, how to get to the venue, and how to best prepare for a destination wedding. We love helping our couples with such things, so today’s post is dedicated to one of the traveler’s least favorite tasks: packing!

We’ve covered WHAT you should pack for your destination wedding in previous posts. If you’d like to receive the handy infographic we’ve created for this topic, e-mail us at and we’d be happy to send it your way. For now, let’s get into HOW to best pack everything you’ll need for your trip.

  • Pamper your wedding attire. This is among the most vital thing you’ll pack for your destination wedding, so you want to be sure you do it right. Never, ever pack your wedding gown. Always place it in a garment bag that you carry with you, preferably with your shoes and other accessories along with it. We suggest the same for tuxes or suits if you’ll be traveling with them versus renting one through us. One of the most complete wedding garment bag options is the Set Ready Go. You can also purchase a more basic bag, but you’ll need to pack your shoes and accessories separately.
  • Bypass the portable steamer. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you don’t attempt to steam your wedding gown yourself. We’ve dealt with too many upset brides who didn’t properly know how to handle the fabric of their gowns and ended up ruining them. We have wardrobe stylists trained to work specially with wedding gowns, so please let us help!
  • Keep your travel documents together. You’ll want to keep all of your travel documents (including your marriage license) in one handy place. Today’s passports have security features called RFID chips that ironically make it accessible for thieves to steal our personal information. It’s recommended that everyone travel with a passport holder that blocks RFIDs. We love this option that not only has the RFID blocker but a pocket for holding a portable phone charger and cable. For something a little less expensive, this more streamlined design comes in numerous colors and still offers a good amount of document storage.
  • Isolate your shoes. You’ll need comfortable shoes for all of the walking you’ll be doing while you’re here. You’ll also need to pack your wedding shoes if your garment bag doesn’t have storage meant for them. It’s best to put all shoes in individual waterproof bags like these to protect them as well as keep the rest of your items clean and dry. If you don’t want to risk losing your wedding shoes, be sure they’re stored in a carry-on.
  • Store Smart. Save yourself a great deal of headache by investing in some travel organizers. Many attire packing options are designed to store your clothes in a compressed way that helps reduce wrinkling and maximizes storage space. Having separate storage organizers for undergarments, accessories, makeup, toiletries, etc. will make it much easier to grab what you need and go. We love options that hang over the door and add storage space like this cosmetics organizer. Check with your hotel or rental to find out whether shampoo, conditioner, soap, and items like hair dryers are included. Don’t bother packing anything you can get for free!
  • Spill-proof. It’s likely you’ll be traveling with at least a few things that have the potential of breaking or spilling (makeup, sunscreen, perfume, etc.). Be sure to store these items in spill-proof storage bags. Even Ziplocks will work in a pinch.
  • Prepare for the weather. Here in Orlando, rain is always a possibility. Don’t neglect to pack small portable umbrellas or rain ponchos, and be sure you have waterproof bags to store them in!

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready for your romantic destination wedding in no time!

Need help finalizing all of the details for your wedding? Got any other wedding planning topics you want to discuss with us? Reach out to our team at and we’ll get back to you right away!

How to Pack for Your Destination Wedding

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