Portofino Bay Hotel Wedding Orlando | Colleen and Jon

January 2, 2013 by Just Marry!

If you’re looking to escape the trappings of traditional wedding planning, an all-inclusive destination wedding may be for you. Orlando offers a nearly endless array of options for your style and budget!

Colleen and Jon were married in an October 2012 ceremony at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, with their reception dinner held at BiCE Ristorante. The couple worked with Just Marry! wedding planner, Jennifer Haskell, to bring the vision of their casual and fun, but meaningful and memorable day to life!

Below, the couple shares the story of how their wedding day came to be, as well as some gorgeous ceremony photos, courtesy of Orlando wedding photographer, Jennifer Werneth.

Just Marry!: Tell us about the proposal.

Colleen: He had the kids dressed in waiter/waitress clothes greet me at the door after work. They sat me at the dining table which was set like a restaurant, handed me a menu the kids made, and we sat and ate. He and the kids prepared [all of the food] ahead of time; the kids served, and were tipped! When dessert came, there was only one choice: crème brûlée. The ring was inside! He got down on one knee, kids beside him, and asked me and both children if he could join our family.

JM: Why did you choose your particular wedding location?

Colleen: A few years before [the engagement], we went to the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel for vacation. I joked when walking by the villa pool and said my dream would be to just get married there, and pointed at the Villa Piazza. We had our wedding planned in our town and then a year before, I decided it was definitely not the way I envision my wedding (in a cookie cutter banquet room). So we decided to do a destination wedding… then called Portofino Bay!

JM: What was the most memorable part of the day for you and your spouse?

Jon: Seeing her for the first time waiting on the steps!
Colleen: Standing there saying our vows, I don’t even remember what we said! But I remember the way I felt, and that I had never felt that way before. I felt how much love I had for the person in front of me.

JM: Were there any particular elements of your wedding day that you considered unique or personal touches? (Note: Colleen and Jon enjoyed a post-ceremony dinner reception on-site at the beautiful BiCE Ristorante, overlooking the grounds of the Portofino.)

Colleen: The lack of traditional centerpieces, cake, and dancing. It was very laid back and comfortable… [just like] us.

JM: What advice would you give to other couples as they begin their planning process?

Colleen: Enjoy the moment; it goes by so fast. Be there together, with each other. Please your guests, but really just try to take it all in together.

Our thanks to Colleen and Jon for sharing their real wedding story! Congratulations and best wishes from our team to your family for many wonderful years to come!

Are you interested in a wedding at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, or an Orlando destination wedding? Please contact us today to speak with a wedding planner about your options… let us help you plan the wedding day of your dreams!

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