How to Identify Your Wedding Planning Perspective | Analyzing

January 6, 2021 by Just Marry!

How to Identify Your Wedding Planning Perspective | Analyzing

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that everyone who reaches out to our team has different planning perspectives. After all, wedding planning isn’t much different than styling an empty house the way you want to style it, right? Our team embraces the idea of clients planning their weddings with us from their planning perspectives.

Today I’m sharing a few key planning perspectives that typically come into play when wedding planning. Follow along and let me know which of these is your planning perspective!


#1 - Design

If you’re an artist or have a creative mind, you have a design planning perspective! This side of planning will be all about the style of the day, from the color of the floral and uplighting to the texture of the linen. Every element will convey the cohesive story reflected through every aspect of your event.

For someone with a design planning perspective, our team would sit down with you and walk through your vision for the day. We’d view photos on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and talk through why you like various images and what you feel when you see them. We would then design a vision board reflecting how to plan your wedding step-by-step. When meeting with vendors, we’d make sure you had the chance to see and touch everything to understand just how it will be on the day.

In short, we’d make your planning a fun and engaging visual experience…perfect for someone with a design planning perspective!

What's Your Planning Perspective - Just Marry Weddings

#2 - Logistics

If you consider yourself a Type A and it’s a priority that everyone else has the same amazing experience on your wedding day as you, you have a logistical planning perspective! This planning perspective is all about your guests’ experience and the flow of the day. You want every minute to be planned and to know exactly when, where, and how everything is happening.

For someone with a logistical planning perspective, we would talk through the plan for the entire day, from the hair and makeup start time through the staged exit at the end of the event. We would have a plan for when and where you and your wedding party are getting ready, where your grandmother will sit at the reception, when you’ll have the first dance, and every other formality during the day. We would also discuss the best bands and DJs, talk with the photographer to create a requested shot list, and schedule a tasting for your wedding menu so you can decide what your guests will enjoy most.

We would also show you examples of detailed, minute-by-minute wedding agendas so you’d feel comfortable knowing there will be something scheduled every moment of the day, and everyone would know exactly when and where to be at any given time. No detail should be left unaddressed for someone with a logistical planning perspective!

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#3 - Business

If you’re a budgeter and love to get the best value for your money, you have a business planning perspective! This side of planning will be all about the figures and getting everything you want at the best possible price. You may even have a separate bank account or credit card just for wedding planning and have a special email address to keep it all organized.

For someone with a business planning perspective, we would create a list of your priorities based on each vendor and aspect of the day, and use a budget tracking system while booking your wedding services. We would help you interview all of your vendors, collect proposals to compare costs and value, and help you spend your money where it would best benefit your budget and event as a whole. We focus on helping clients with a business planning perspective to plan their weddings at an amount they’re comfortable spending!

What's Your Planning Perspective - Just Marry Weddings

#4 - Behind the Lens

If you’re a social media expert and love beautiful photos, you have a “behind the lens” planning perspective! Someone with this planning perspective focuses on how their wedding day will look in their photos. For example, you may not care what color the uplights are, only that the photographer says the color will look best in the images.

You may also find yourself creating a specific theme for the day so that your photos connect to create a story. You might create your entire tablescape to look just like an image you saw on Pinterest because you liked how the guest’s name was placed on the napkin, how the napkin was folded, how the napkin’s color matched the seat pad on the chair, and how the centerpieces glowed off of the round mirror base.

For a “behind the lens” planning perspective, we would look at photos you’ve seen that you like for your wedding. We would select vendors based on their design skills and creativity. We would attend the food tasting not only to taste the delicious foods, but to make sure the presentation meets your foodie photo standards. We would talk through the idea of having a customized photo op, luxe lounge areas, unique bar fronts, and other photo-worthy design elements.

For our clients with this planning perspective, our focus would be on ensuring every detail is displayed perfectly for the photos you will treasure for a lifetime!

What's Your Planning Perspective - Just Marry Weddings


Here on Just Between Us!, we feature posts that will appeal to every planning perspective! From helpful budgeting tips to gorgeous wedding photos from events we’ve had the pleasure of coordinating, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our past posts for all the planning tips and inspiration you need!


Would you like a planning experience catered to your personal planning perspective? We’d love to help! Email our team at or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you right away. We’d love to customize a planning option that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your planning and your wedding day!

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How to Identify Your Wedding Planning Perspective | Analyzing

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