Last Minute Wedding Services You Should Book Now | Organizing

March 25, 2020 by Just Marry!

Last Minute Wedding Services You Should Book Now | Organizing

When it comes to organizing last minute wedding services before your big day, it can get quite overwhelming! More often than not, couples focus on all of the bigger parts of planning a wedding. The services I’ll be talking about today are often forgotten until it’s close to the wedding day. Creating a checklist is a necessity, and will help keep you on track with everything.

All of these last minute wedding services will make such a difference on your wedding day! If you haven’t booked any of these services, I highly suggest doing so! You’ll be happy you did.

Last Minute Wedding Services - Just Marry Weddings


One commonly forgotten service when planning for your wedding is gown and/or suit steaming. Whether you’re traveling by plane or car to your wedding, your dress and suit are bound to get a few wrinkles. Of course you’ll want to make sure all of those beautiful wedding pictures you’ll take on your big day aren’t ruined by a wrinkly suit or dress, so booking a steaming service is something I highly suggest! You’d be surprised how much of a difference this simple service can make.

Last minute wedding services - Just Marry Weddings


When choosing decorations for your cake, the options are endless! You can look at places like Pinterest for cake inspiration, where you’ll find endless pictures of wedding cakes with stunning floral that will attract everyone’s eye. Whether you’re having a rustic, chic, modern, or whimsical wedding, there is floral for every type that can add a beautiful touch to every wedding cake. Just don’t forget to book this often last minute wedding service with your florist!

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When you’re thinking of the details for your special day, it’s important to consider what kind of transportation you want for your wedding party. Transportation should always be on the wedding day checklist! Maybe you’d like a party bus if your wedding party wants to continue the celebration after the reception, or a shuttle if you have a big wedding party with lots of gifts and décor you want to take back to the hotel with you. Leaving this until the last minute could be a mistake, as most reputable vendors could already be booked!

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Another last minute wedding service you should book is event lighting. Lighting is a simple detail that can pull together the entire look for your wedding! There are so many ways you can use lighting to your advantage, especially for an evening wedding. If your cocktail hour or reception is outside, market lights are a great option. They can be modified to fit your wedding style. Another option is lanterns, which can provide more light than you think! If your cocktail hour or reception is inside, plain or textured up-lighting can completely transform the room. There are so many options to pick from, so no matter what your theme is, there is always something for you!

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Last Minute Wedding Services You Should Book Now | Organizing

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