Announcing the Launch of Just Plan!

January 1, 2015 by Just Marry!

The Just Marry! Team is excited to announce the launch of its brand new planning tool, Just Plan!. A unique, web-based platform, Just Plan! will allow couples from all over the world to book and plan their Orlando-area weddings and vow renewals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The innovative new software is causing quite the buzz in the wedding community and among the Just Marry! Team!

“We decided to develop Just Plan! in response to our clients telling us how they like to work on their weddings late at night or on the weekends when we don’t have regular business hours,” said company president Susan Southerland. She added that there are many benefits to using Just Plan!, such as being able to view visual examples so couples don’t have to imagine what their weddings or vow renewals will look like.

Creative Director Jennifer Haskell played an integral role in getting Just Plan! ready for launch, and she also mentioned the visual aspects of the software. “I’m really excited to have a tool that works as a ‘purchasable Pinterest!’. I finally have the opportunity to explore trending options, popular wedding add-ons, and exceptional wedding venues with my clients at any time of the day!”

On top of this, the Just Marry! Team wants to stress that Just Plan! won’t replace prompt and personal customer service. Instead, it will enhance the planning experience by allowing couples to adjust their wedding plans while keeping an eye on their budgets, even when the team isn’t immediately available to assist them. As Just Marry! Event Manager Leanna McDonald explained, “Just Plan! will allow our clients to have control of every aspect of their wedding day plans with us as coordinators to make sure their day runs smoothly and in perfect harmony with their vision.”

The team is also excited about what Just Plan! will do for the company behind the scenes. The program will automate some of the tasks for Event Managers, allowing them to spend more time with those clients who want more hands-on planning. Event Manager Amanda Berler said, “Just Plan! will help keep things organized and make the planning process more enjoyable for everyone,” and WDW Swan Event Planner Michelle Harris added that she likes how couples will have more visibility of site space availability and access to typical wedding documents and information.

Director of Operations Karen Gingerich is excited about the flexibility that Just Plan! will offer Just Marry! couples, from planning at their convenience to allowing their family and friends to contribute toward their weddings or honeymoons. There are many more features the team plans to roll out as Just Plan! takes off. They feel that when it comes to putting true wedding planning capabilities online in this cutting edge format, the sky is the limit!

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