Just Between Us: Behind the Scenes at Just Marry!

January 18, 2011 by Just Marry!

Hello there, throngs of devoted blog readers (haha)! As we are still just starting out with this wedding blog of ours, today I am updating you as to what’s been going on behind the scenes of Just Marry! lately, to get us all caught up…

In addition to our busy schedules of working with clients to plan and coordinate many local and destination weddings each week, we also make time to share our wealth of wedding knowledge and inspiration with you. For instance, I spent some time last week adding dozens of recent snapshots from real Just Marry! weddings to our Flickr page.

Be sure to bookmark it and visit whenever you’re in need of some creative inspiration for your own wedding (we are constantly adding more pictures)– we even divide the pics for you into easy-to-navigate categories, such as: Ceremonies, Reception Ideas, Bridal Party, Wedding Gowns, etc.

Thanks to your participation on our Facebook poll, we are also excited to announce that we have officially titled this blog “Just Between Us”! (Our website wizards are working hard to make the change soon, we just couldn’t wait to share!) It’s fitting because we’re hoping to share unique wedding planning tips and insider information with you, our readers.

Moving right along… here’s what’s in the works for upcoming blogs that you can look forward to, submit questions about, and give us your feedback on:

  • Building Blocks– We’re going back to basics with ‘Wedding Planning 101’ tips
  • DIY Wedding Projects– Wedding Time Capsule, Alternative Ring Bearer Pillows, and Memorial Displays for your Wedding
  • Wedding Vendor Interviews– Send in your questions now for photographers and florists!

Oh! Don’t forget that our Wedding Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge is in full swing! More to come on that tomorrow, including a special invitation for you.

No matter when or which information outlet we update (the blog, Facebook, or Flickr), you can always count on an alert via¬†Twitter! Phew– can you tell we’re just bursting with things we want to share?!

So, that’s what we’re up to; how about you?

How are your wedding plans progressing and what questions do you have for us?

Posted by: Erin

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