Top Indoor Wedding Venues Orlando

August 1, 2018 by Just Marry!

Top Indoor Wedding Venues Orlando | Inside Double Scoop

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There are many things to love about summer weddings…if you’re getting married somewhere with gorgeous summer weather! Orlando is generally not considered one of those places. By July, average annual temperatures hover in the low-to-mid 90’s F with high humidity. Those temps last through September and often October before finally tapering off into the 80’s. The fall and winter holidays are almost always warm enough to wear shorts and T-shirts in South and Central Florida.

Then there’s the rain.

Florida summers are well-known for sporadic afternoon thunderstorms. They pop up within minutes, dump buckets of rain, and then vanish as though they never existed. Non-Floridians have trouble believing this phenomenon until they experience it themselves. Trust us… it’s ruined many a summer wedding!

That doesn’t mean Orlando isn’t a great place to host a summer wedding. It absolutely is! Here are a few reasons why:

  • There are numerous Orlando events that only take place in the summer months, and many hotels and attractions offer summer discounts.
  • Summer dates aren’t as popular among the area venues and vendors, making it much easier to book the services you want.
  • Kids are out of school for the summer, making it easier for your guests to plan to attend your wedding.
  • The warm weather makes it more fun to enjoy all of the area’s pools, beaches, and water parks.

Tempted to host a summer wedding here in Orlando? You’ll want to choose a venue that won’t have you stressing about the weather! Learn all about our favorite indoor wedding venues in this edition of the Just Marry! Insider:

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Top Indoor Wedding Venues Orlando

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