Important Wedding Guest Etiquette You Need to Know (Part 2)

October 10, 2016 by Just Marry!

Wedding Guest Etiquette

As wedding planners, we get to witness the best and the worst of everything involving weddings. This gives us a unique perspective on things like guest behavior. You’d really be astonished at some of the things we’ve witnessed!

In our ongoing goal of making sure all of our clients have a perfect wedding day, we thought we’d share these essential points of etiquette for all of the guests out there. We started with the “Dos” last week, so today we’re moving on to the “Don’ts.”

Here we go:


  • Get drunk. Remember what we said in the last post about there being cameras everywhere? We’ve unfortunately seen many instances of alcohol-induced guest behavior, like the person who used her hands to grab food out of a hot plate instead of using the utensils, or the one who fell down the stairs during the wedding portraits. NOT what the happy couple wants to remember!
  • Force the bride(s) or groom(s) to drink with you. Toasting with champagne is one thing, but guests should remember that the couple has had an earlier day than you and they’re likely exhausted and dehydrated. They’ve also got their wedding night to look forward to. Don’t encourage them to get intoxicated.
  • Be loud or overbearing. If there’s something important you need to say during the wedding ceremony, please be respectful and either step outside or whisper quietly. Also do your best to rein in your commentary throughout the day. During a wedding is not the time to be rude or overbearing to other guests or the vendors…or most especially to the happy couple!
  • Try to do the vendors’ jobs or tell them what to do. While vendors all appreciate you wanting to help make sure the wedding goes well, the couple hired their vendors to perform a service to their specifications, not yours.
  • Share all of your family secrets with the wedding vendors. While we’re always happy to lend an ear, we’re pretty sure your family doesn’t want complete strangers knowing their most intimate secrets. Weddings are not the place for gossiping.
  • Take your own photos if the couple asks you not to. Seriously, folks…the couple hired their own wedding photographer. They really don’t want your partially-blurred photo from the ceremony that you caught on your smartphone while blocking the aisle so the professional photographer couldn’t capture it. Please respect their wishes and put the phones and cameras away.
  • Tell the couple anything you think is wrong. If the couple doesn’t notice something you think is wrong, their wedding isn’t the time to tell them. Let them enjoy their day! If the couple does notice things that are going wrong, don’t remind them of it. Trust us…it just upsets them more hearing guests complain about it.
  • Compare your wedding with the wedding you’re attending. We know it’s hard, but if you’re also getting married, don’t compare your upcoming wedding to the wedding you’re attending. It’s really in bad taste. You wouldn’t want someone doing that at your wedding, would you?
  • Think the photographer is your personal shooter. Guests can get needy for the wedding photographer’s time. Don’t be overly demanding of the photographer, dragging them around the reception to find the rest of your pals for photos. Remember that they’re there to capture as many moments as possible for the happy couple!

Do you have any other etiquette questions or are you interested in having an Orlando destination wedding? Just leave us a comment or e-mail us at and we’ll get started on your planning right away!

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