How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress | Analyzing

January 5, 2022 by Just Marry!

How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress | Analyzing

Wedding planning stress comes in many forms, and it impacts everyone differently. Today I’m sharing some of my best ideas (as both a wedding planner and a nearlywed myself) to help you take care of your mental health while balancing wedding planning stress. It’s time to add YOU to your New Year’s list of priorities!

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Don’t hesitate to ask for your partner’s help or reach out to family and friends if you feel you need it. You don’t have to plan a wedding by yourself! Taking on too many responsibilities is an obvious road to wedding planning stress.

The best way to combat this—again, speaking as an engaged woman just as much as a wedding planner—is to hire a wedding planner from the start. They will help alleviate so much pressure! Of course, giving up control to someone else can be scary, but you won’t regret it in the end when you can relax and enjoy your wedding day!

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Communicate openly with your future spouse throughout the entire wedding planning process. They’re not the only ones who are going to give you their opinion, however, so be sure to communicate with your vendors and venue, your guests, your wedding party, and anyone who is contributing to your budget. From the very start, involve the individuals you need involved and be clear in communicating your thoughts and feelings to help reduce your wedding planning stress.

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Thinking about all the details that go into a wedding will cause wedding planning stress almost immediately to any newly engaged person. Instead, prioritize the essentials. Decide on your dream wedding “musts” and tackle those first.

Do you want to stress over your hair and makeup the morning of the wedding, or should you hire a professional so you can sit back and relax and enjoy catching up with your bridesmaids? Do you want to have the most breathtaking centerpieces and push your budget for those, or do you prefer to spend your nights and weekends creating your own centerpieces and handling them on the wedding day? It is always a good idea to make a list of what is most important to YOU for your wedding day and starting your planning from there.

Don't rush, take breaks

Enjoy being engaged! Remember to take breaks and celebrate the two of you. If you take the time to prioritize each step of the wedding planning process, you will help remove wedding planning stress from the equation. While setting your New Year’s goals, add your wedding planning goals to that list or use a wedding planning checklist so you can take your time through the planning process. And always come back to the true meaning behind the wedding: your love for your future spouse!

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Journal or take notes

Sometimes the best way to manage stressful thoughts is to write them down. Whether you place sticky notes in every corner of your home or have an organized working bullet list. Either way, if you have thoughts that are keeping you up at night, jot them down and get them out of your head! Then, you can share them with your collaborators so you aren’t the only one shouldering those thoughts.

Make time for self-care and together time

Making time for yourself and your relationship with your future spouse can go a long way towards battling wedding planning stress. Take five minutes a day to meditate, take warm bubble baths with soothing scents, get a couple’s massage at the spa, go out to your favorite date night restaurant, go for a walk and listen to your favorite music, or just talk about anything but the wedding. Give yourself a brain break and find your happy place for wedding planning again, both separately and together!

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Create a Plan B

There will be things that will happen that are outside of your control, so being prepared for that is a must to help eliminate wedding planning stress. Not only should you have a physical plan (such as a weather backup option and décor to work with it), but you also need a mental understanding that some things are simply outside of anyone’s control, including yours. As long as you marry the love of your life, that’s all that matters in the end!


Here on Just Between Us!, we offer couples all the helpful planning tips and tricks they need to plan a stress-free wedding day! Be sure to check out some of our previous posts for all the advice and real wedding inspiration you’ll need:


If you’d like more personalized help with any wedding stress you are experiencing during your planning or would like to speak with one of our planners, simply email us at and we’ll get back to you right away. We’d be happy to customize a planning option that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your planning and your wedding day!

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How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress | Analyzing

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