How to Choose a Wedding Date Perfect for You | Analyzing

October 2, 2019 by Just Marry!

How to Choose a Wedding Date Perfect for You | Analyzing

Nearly-weds, are you wondering how to choose the perfect wedding date? This is one of the essential first steps to starting your wedding planning. Whether it seems like it or not, there IS a perfect date for you!

I want you to be excited about choosing a wedding date with your significant other. So let’s dive into everything you need to know to pick a wedding date perfect for you!

How to Choose a Wedding Date Perfect for You - Just Marry Weddings


The best place to start when choosing your wedding date is thinking of dates that are most meaningful to you and your partner. Think of the first day you met, your first date, the first time you kissed, the date you got engaged, etc. A special date should be a number one pick!

If you want a specific date, begin planning early and let your planner know so they can get in touch with venues and vendors you want to hire as early as possible. Have one or two backup dates of significance in case your first choice isn’t available.


A good way to narrow down your perfect wedding date is thinking about your favorite season and choosing a date during that time of year. Narrow it down further by researching what point in that season has the best weather, then again by coordinating a date that works best with both of your schedules.

A note of caution: it might be tempting to plan a holiday wedding. It could be easier for guests to attend if they’re already off work, and many venues decorate for the holidays. On the flip side, guests may not want their holidays upended by a wedding, and some venues and vendors charge premiums for holiday events, so you have to decide what works best for you.


If you’re otherwise flexible, check in with your V-VIP, wouldn’t-get-married-without-them guests! You can then choose a wedding date that works with their schedules. Be careful to only make accommodations for the most essential guests or you’ll probably end up stressed and confused.

Pro Tip: Think about your friends and loved ones who are already engaged when choosing your date. There can be backlash if you plan a wedding before an already-engaged family member or friend. Consider doing it the following year on your preferred date, or be open enough to have a conversation with them about it.


Wedding destinations like Orlando may be busier, and therefore pricier, during certain times of year. Busy months for weddings are going to be more expensive for that exact reason – vendors book up quick!

Choosing a wedding date a year or more out will allow you to save up money to make your dream wedding happen. Even if you’re not paying for the wedding yourselves, it will help whoever pays for it to have more time to make payments. You’ll also want to choose a date that won’t break the bank for out-of-town guests who need to purchase airline tickets, rent cars and hotel rooms, etc.

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If you’re planning a honeymoon in a location that’s best to visit during a certain time of year, you should pick a wedding date that fits with those plans! For example, if you’re set on a honeymoon in Thailand, you probably don’t want to go during the monsoon season from July to October, so you might plan a spring wedding.


For couples who don’t know how to choose a wedding date or who don’t have a preference, finding a venue or top-choice wedding vendor and asking for their availability can help narrow things down. Once you’ve chosen the perfect wedding date, communicate it to any vendors you want to interview to make sure they’re available.

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However you go about choosing a wedding date, give yourself enough time to plan for the things that are truly important to you. You won’t want to feel as though you rushed into a wedding date and then look back on what you wished you had done!

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If you’re newly engaged, we’ve got plenty of tips for you! Whether you’re choosing a wedding date or trying to nail down your budget, be sure to check out these posts to get your planning off on the right foot:


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How to Choose a Wedding Date Perfect for You | Analyzing

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