Hidden Wedding Costs that Could Sabotage Your Budget | Analyzing

August 7, 2019 by Just Marry!

Hidden Wedding Costs that Could Sabotage Your Budget | Analyzing

Nearly-weds, did you know that there are numerous hidden wedding costs that could blow your budget? When I was planning my own wedding, I was staggered by the unexpected expenses! Today I’m putting my knowledge to good use by sharing some inside tips on how to avoid these potentially pocket-draining costs.

Hidden Wedding Costs - Post Wedding - Just Marry Weddings


When you receive price quotes from your vendors, some of them won’t include the sales tax and/or service fees (except in the fine print). Thoroughly read all vendor quotes and be sure to account for all listed fees.

Also, credit card fees average around 3% for businesses. Some businesses pass this fee along to clients. If you decide to use a credit card to make your wedding payments, ask your vendors ahead of time if they require a credit card fee.

Hidden Wedding Costs - Post Wedding - Just Marry Weddings


Some venues or vendors may require a setup and/or breakdown fee. Items like décor, sound equipment, floral arrangements, and rentals most commonly include additional costs. Read your contracts carefully, as the setup and breakdown fees as well as any overtime fees should be included in the labor charges.

#3 - MEALS

It may sound crazy, but don’t forget to count yourself in your catering costs. Don’t think you’ll forget? Well, despite working in the wedding industry, I actually forgot to account for myself and my husband for our own wedding! Thankfully, I remembered before giving my final count to the caterer, but it’s a good idea to add two more to your meal count so you don’t end up short.

Hidden Wedding Costs - Post Wedding - Just Marry Weddings

#4 - GIFTS

Getting gifts for your loved ones is something many couples forget to budget for. If you want to give your wedding party something nice for standing by your side, or if you want to say thank you to your loved ones for being a part of your special day, budget for it by thinking about what you’ll be gifting them throughout the wedding planning process.

Also, if you want to have welcome gift bags for your guests, be sure to budget for the items you include. Do your research! If you’re giving welcome bags to the guests in your hotel room block, ask the hotel if delivery is included with the room block or if it will incur an extra fee.


Even though it may seem the cheaper option, providing your own cake and/or alcohol could end up more expensive if your venue or caterer has cake cutting or corkage fees. Cake cutting fees can range from $1-$7 per guest, and corkage fees can run up to $15 per bottle. Make sure to ask your caterer those questions beforehand so the fees don’t come as a surprise. If you still want to bring in an outside cake or alcohol, you will at least know the fee and can budget for it ahead a time.

Hidden Wedding Costs - Post Wedding - Just Marry Weddings


This item that you definitely need for your wedding is one that many couples forget to budget for. A marriage license comes with a fee. It usually isn’t too expensive, but it is a required fee nonetheless. Check online (or with your wedding planner) for the rules and regulations on obtaining a marriage license, as well as the applicable fee in your area.


After you say “I Do,” it may seem that you’re done with your wedding payments. Well, that can be the case if you budgeted for things such as thank-you cards, cleaning and preserving your wedding garments, and making prints of your favorite wedding photos. That way you don’t have to spend your wedding gift money on these items!

Hidden Wedding Costs - Post Wedding - Just Marry Weddings

When creating your wedding budget, include 10%-20% of your overall budget for “Other.” This way if you encounter any fees you didn’t expect at the onset of your planning, you already have the money for it!


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Hidden Wedding Costs that Could Sabotage Your Budget | Analyzing

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