Great Gift Ideas for Your First Holiday Together as a Married Couple

December 13, 2016 by Just Marry!

Gift Ideas for Your First Christmas

We’ve worked with more than 200 happy couples on planning and coordinating their weddings this year. That means those couples are celebrating their first holidays together as married couples. How fun and exciting!

Whether you’re already part of #myJMfamily or you’re just connecting with us now, we want to offer you some ideas for gifts to buy your new spouse. We hope you’ll find inspiration here:

  • A collectible. What better way to commemorate an important moment like your first holiday as a married couple than to buy a collectible keepsake you’ll cherish forever? Odds are if you came to Orlando for your wedding you’re a Disney fan, so you might consider something like this Beauty and the Beast Precious Moments collectible we found. So romantic and adorable!
  • A trip. We’re not necessarily talking about taking a trip across the world. After all, you just spent a considerable amount of money on your wedding and honeymoon, right? But even a single night together at a nearby bed and breakfast or nice hotel will feel like an escape for both of you, and it will give you some time to reconnect during this hectic season.
  • Preserve a wedding memory. One of the nicest ways to reflect the spirit of your first holiday together is to make a gift of something from your wedding. For example, preserve your new wife’s wedding gown for her, sneak a flower from her bouquet and have it turned into something beautiful for your home, or commission an artist to render one of your wedding photos in a painting.
  • Donate your time together. You can both make a memory and do the community a lot of good by donating your time at a local charitable organization. ‘Tis the season to remember people in need, and you’ll both enjoy doing something that warms the heart.
  • An ornament. This is a classic holiday gift with good reason. An “Our First Christmas Together” ornament is something you’ll enjoy year after year. Find one that allows you to put one of your wedding photos it in for an extra sweet touch, like this beautiful Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.
  • A game. Buy something that the two of you can have fun doing together. Pick up some dice, a deck of cards, a trivia game, or a new game for the Xbox and schedule a day where you do nothing but play. It’s the holidays…don’t we all deserve to feel like kids again?
  • A card. It seems so simple, but sometimes less is more. Begin a tradition of exchanging greeting cards every Christmas morning. In your first card, consider re-writing your vows on the inside of the card. Your spouse will love the sentiment!

We’re so excited to be celebrating the holidays with all of you. Do you want to chime in on this topic or get more information about hosting an Orlando destination wedding and joining #myJMfamily? E-mail us at and we’ll get back to you right away!

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