Fun and Unique Wedding Flower Alternatives | Discovering

June 9, 2021 by Just Marry!

Fun and Unique Wedding Flower Alternatives | Discovering

Nearlyweds, today I’m excited to share some of my favorite fun and unique wedding flower alternatives! For some couples, this may be the perfect way to incorporate a hobby or something special to them in their wedding design. Wedding flower alternatives can also be a plus for couples with allergies!

Imagine incorporating your first dance song or your favorite book series into your floral, or a family heirloom nestled within your bouquet. How special is that? With so many wedding flower alternatives out there, we think you just may love these timeless pieces!

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#1 - Paper flowers

We love a fun paper flower arrangement! So many things can be turned into flowers using paper. From song lyrics to sheet music, to books and Disney park maps, the options are endless!

One of our couples bonded on their first date over Harry Potter books, for example, and include touches of Harry Potter in their paper wedding flowers. Another couple who got engaged in a theme park had flowers made out of park maps. Once you decide what paper items has the most meaning to you, this can become one of the most incredible wedding flower alternatives!

Wedding Flower Alternatives - Just Marry Weddings - Paper Flowers

#2 -Brooches and pins

A brooch from a special loved one is always a wonderful way to incorporate something old or something borrowed in your wedding décor! Bouquets and boutonnieres made from brooches are so beautiful. They add an extra element of bling that makes them ideal wedding flower alternatives.

Pins are also popular in place of boutonnieres. The grape soda pin from Disney’s Up is a popular option that our couples love! From sparkling new brooches to vintage antiques, you can keep your stunning wedding floral alternatives on display forever!

Wedding Flower Alternatives - Just Marry Weddings - Brooch Bouquet

#3 - Faux Flowers

For couples looking for less fragrant wedding flower alternatives, floral, fabric, wood, or silk flowers are a lovely option! With these choices, there are no worries of wilting flowers in the heat or having to keep arrangements and personal floral in water. Plus, faux flowers are great for couples who want to travel with their floral! These wedding flower alternatives can be appreciated and displayed for years to come.

Wedding Flower Alternatives - Just Marry Weddings - Faux Floral

#4 - Lanterns

One fun alternative to bridesmaid bouquets that I’ve seen at weddings is lanterns! I had a couple who displayed lanterns at the front of their aisle as a décor element. The bridesmaids added their lanterns to the arrangement as they walked down the aisle. It was so beautiful and romantic! Lanterns are a wonderful wedding flower alternative, creating a perfectly lit environment for both the ceremony and the reception!

Wedding Flower Alternatives - Just Marry Weddings - Lanterns
Wedding Flower Alternatives - Just Marry Weddings - Lantern Centerpiece


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Fun and Unique Wedding Flower Alternatives | Discovering

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