Feature Friday: the Real Role of Your Wedding Party

February 10, 2015 by Just Marry!

Let’s talk wedding parties! This article by BridalGuide.com reminded us how important it is to have your closest family and friends with you on the wedding day. It made us think about ways to thank wedding party attendants for everything they do. What are some of their contributions to your big day, you ask? How about…

…spending hundreds of dollars on attire, travel expenses, gifts, and shower decorations.

…laboring over the perfect speech.

…being a sounding board when planning stress rises.

…offering a shoulder when your emotions get the better of you.

…making you feel more confident in your decisions about your wedding.

…having sweet memories and jokes at the ready to keep you at ease on the wedding day.

…smiling, smiling, and smiling some more in hundreds of wedding photos.

…serving as your go-to people on the wedding day (and in the days leading up to the wedding).

Being a wedding attendant isn’t such a small feat, is it? That’s why it’s important to thank them properly for all of their love and support. We’ve pinned some of our favorite thank-you gift ideas on our Feature Friday Pinterest board, and here are a few more:

–        Floral bridesmaid’s robes such as these cute ones on Amazon.

–        Girls and/or guys’ outings. Think spa treatments, fishing trips, wine tastings, or golf weekends.

–        Gifts themed off the year you met each person. Maybe a DVD of the movie that won Best Picture the year you met (packaged with some fun movie night essentials).The Real Role of Your Wedding Party - That First MomentThe options are really endless! If you have any ideas you’d like to share, please let us know. For more of the ideas we love on all things “wedding party” and other Feature Friday pins, be sure to check out our Pinterest board!

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