7 Sure Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings | Shopping

July 21, 2021 by Just Marry!

7 Sure Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings | Shopping

As a recent bride myself, I know entertaining kids at weddings can seem like quite the feat! Today is National Be Someone Day…a day that encourages us all to make a positive difference in the life of a child. It felt like the perfect time to share a topic all about the youngest wedding guests!

With a little creativity and fun, keeping children entertained can be easier than you think. Preparing engaging activities and providing something special just for the kids are keys to a stress-free wedding day. Read along for seven of my favorite ways to entertain kids at weddings!

Because happy kids, happy couple, right?

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#1 - A family dance

After behaving and being quiet during the ceremony, you can imagine kids are ready for some play and celebration! Dancing is a great way for kiddos to let out all that wiggly energy. Select a favorite family tune from your DJ or band and get the kids out on the dance floor. It’s not only a great way to entertain kids at weddings, it will create such a special memory for you and your family!

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#2 - A kids' table

Do you remember sitting at the kid’s table during the holidays or special events growing up? Didn’t it always seem like it was way more fun to sit at that table? Couples are making this idea extra fun by having a kids-only table at their wedding! Dress the table with an assortment of colored crayons or markers, coloring pages, crafts, activities, and games. You could even personalize each craft to have a wedding theme…but we’ll get to that later!

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#3 - A kids' room

Want to make your little guests feel like the guests of honor (and give their parents a breather)? Reserve a special room just for them! There are professional childcare companies you can book specifically for your wedding. These savvy babysitters will provide activities such as arts and crafts, games, and movies, all sure ways to entertain kids at weddings!

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#4 - Special menu choices

Wedding food is often crafted to the couple’s tastes, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to delight everyone’s tastebuds – especially with kids! Venues can prepare specialized kid’s meals for those picky eaters. Children could even enjoy their dinner in the Kids’ Room with their friends! An array of chicken fingers, fries, pizza, and kid-friendly snacks like gummies and popcorn are amongst some childhood favorites they’re sure to enjoy.

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#5 - Hired entertainment

Weddings are generally entertaining for adults, but that isn’t always the case with the little ones! Hiring professionals to entertain kids at weddings is great way to keep them happy. Booking an impersonator (such as a superhero, Mickey Mouse, or a Disney Princess), a clown, storyteller, caricature artist, or a magician are all fabulous options!

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#6 - Outdoor fun

Lawn games are fun no matter what age you are! Giant Jenga, corn hole, lawn bowling, and hopscotch are great ways to entertain kids at weddings if you have an outdoor venue. Other classic games such as freeze tag, hide-and-seek, or even blowing bubbles will keep kids active all evening long!

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#7 - Custom arts and crafts

Want to get creative? Make personalized arts and crafts specific to your wedding to entertain the kids! If you have a certain theme, you could play into that as well. Custom coloring pages, such as a cartoon of your venue or of you and your significant other, are what’s trending, and these homemade creations can serve as wedding favors for kids to take home, too!

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7 Sure Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings | Shopping

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