5 Ways to Ease Your Pre Wedding Nerves | The Insider

September 30, 2020 by Just Marry!

5 Ways to Ease Your Pre Wedding Nerves | The Insider

Weddings are incredibly exciting, which makes it unsurprising that they also tend to induce pre wedding nerves in many couples. You might think this means the couple starts having doubts about getting married. The truth is, though, that more pre wedding nerves are related to the wedding itself and everything that goes into planning it!

With so many moving parts involved in weddings, it’s only natural you might feel overwhelmed at some point. We want to be sure you relax and enjoy your big day. So read on for our top tips to ease your pre wedding nerves and have the best wedding day ever!


#1 - Rely on your support system

Whether you’ve decided to elope and have a ceremony with just the two of you or you’re hosting a grand wedding with hundreds of guests, you likely have a built-in support system. Family and friends, close co-workers, and even your significant other can be excellent sources of support. Talk to them about whatever is aggravating those pre wedding nerves. You’re bound to feel better once someone helps you put your concerns into perspective!

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#2 - Plan a spa day

Men and women alike can benefit from a relaxing spa day. Invite your closest friends or go together as a couple and enjoy a massage, a facial, or any other range of Zen-inducing spa services. Don’t have a lot of money? Plan a DIY spa day at home! If you plan a spa day mid-planning and then another one closer to the wedding day, those pre wedding nerves won’t ever have time to take root!

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#3 - Use an organizer...and stick to it!

If you’re planning a wedding on your own, it’s important that you use a wedding organizer to stay on top of your To Do list. Shortly after your engagement, use a wedding organizer to establish a detailed timeline of when you need to get all planning tasks done, track when payments are due to your vendors, etc. You can help ease your pre wedding nerves first by establishing a clear plan of action using your organizer, and then by sticking to that plan.

#4 - Hire a wedding planner

For couples who don’t consider themselves highly organized, hiring a wedding planner is the ideal way to keep pre wedding nerves at bay! A wedding planner can handle everything from developing your budget to finding the perfect venue to collecting all of your guest RSVPs. Depending on the planning service you book, your wedding planner might even handle all of the vendor contracting and payments management and guide you through your design decisions. All you’ll have to do is show up and enjoy your wedding day!

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#5 - Go out on a date

The best option to ease any pre wedding nerves is to consistently remind yourselves why you’re planning a wedding in the first place. Be sure to spend time together that doesn’t involve wedding planning. Go out on regular dates with each other, especially romantic, budget-friendly dates like picnics in the park. The more you remind yourselves of the love you share, the less pre wedding nerves you’ll experience in the first place!

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5 Ways to Ease Your Pre Wedding Nerves | The Insider

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