Wedding DIY Series Week 1: Custom Maid of Honor Speech Notecards

September 26, 2015 by Just Marry!

Welcome to Craft with ME! In this series of posts, Just Marry!’s Creative Director, Jennifer Haskell, demonstrates how she earned her crown…er, title. Follow this series to pick up some handy DIY tips specializing in the Cricut DIY tool, and learn how to craft wedding elements that will WOW your guests and take your wedding to the next level!

Custom Maid of Honor Speech Notecards

Even the smallest wedding details can be a breeze to implement, and they’ll certainly be noticed! Don’t let your Maid of Honor head to the stage with her speech on index cards (or, heaven forbid, a cell phone!). These card stock notecards are a beautiful presentation from which she can read her speech, and they’ll make a lovely gift from you. You can even present her with the cards as a way to ask her to be your MOH!

Materials Needed:

Card stock

Crafting Mat


Crafting Notes:

  1. This particular design had delicate cursive that needed to be lifted off your crafting mat with care.
  2. Suggested size of printing is 5×7 or larger so your MOH doesn’t have to squint. 😉


  1. Download your die-cut image from your online Cricut account.
  2. Once the image is loaded on your design pad, make any custom adjustments. Be sure to take a look at the measurements! (Stick within the 5×7 range.)
  3. Add your paper material (cardstock is best!) onto your crafting mat and feed into your Cricut machine.
  4. Send your project to cut.
  5. Un-feed your paper material from the machine.
  6. Using your Cricut tools, lift the paper from the design pad, being careful not to rip or bend the cardstock.

MOH cards step one

MOH cards step two

MOH cards step three

MOH cards last step

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