7 Tips on Creating Seating Charts for Your Wedding | Organizing

July 24, 2019 by Just Marry!

7 Tips on Creating Seating Charts for Your Wedding | Organizing

Nearly-weds, are you busy creating seating charts for your wedding? If you’re not yet, I’m sure you soon will be! Once you’ve gotten all your RSVPs back, it’s seating chart time!

I know this task isn’t a fun one, but it IS necessary for better organization at your reception. Today I’m going to give you my best tips and tricks on how to easily put your seating chart together, making it less stressful for you. Let’s get to it!


Before you can think of where to seat your guests, you need to know your reception layout. What is the typical layout your venue provides? What tables does your venue have? If your venue doesn’t provide the tables, you’ll need to rent them. Would you prefer your tables to be round, rectangle, oval, or square?

Typically, you can fit more rectangular tables into a space and it’s easier to talk across the tables. Round tables, on the other hand, are the most traditional option and give your guests more leg room. After you decide on your table preference and how you’d like them placed in your reception, then you can start filling them with your guests.


After you’ve figured out your guest table situation, the next seating to consider is whether you want to do a head table or a sweetheart table. Do you want to sit with your wedding party or would you rather them be seated throughout the room mingling with your guests while you and your spouse-to-be have your own table?

Ask your venue how large your head table can be; it could help with your decision. For my wedding, my reception space could only hold a head table of 24 people, but we had a large wedding party and I wanted to include their plus ones at the table, so we had too many for a head table. That made my decision easy!

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Next you have to figure out where to put your parents. We suggest seating them at the table(s) closest to wherever you and your fiancé will be seated. That way they can see you and you can see them if either of you need anything, as well as making it easier for first dances or speeches. Unlike the ceremony, where each side traditionally sits separately, at the reception, you can mix things up and seat everyone together. This gives both set of parents more opportunity to get to know one another and bask in the glow of their children’s new union!

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Now it’s time to figure out where the rest of your guests will be seated. Have more family coming? Put those tables close to where your parents will sit. Inviting friends from college? Put them at one table together (or a few close to each other) and allow them to catch up!

When it comes to other guests who may not know one another, consider their life experiences and interests. If you know your best friend, Rachel, is a hardcore baseball fan, you might seat her next to Zach, who played in college. Your ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere where your guests can have fun!


Despite love being in the air, avoid playing matchmaker and seating all of the single guests together. Instead, intersperse single guests among couples and other friends or family.  Remember to focus on common interests, not relationship status.

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Are you allowing kids to come to your wedding? (It’s okay if you’re not!) Consider having a kids table. Providing the kids with some activities and/or crafts is a great way to keep the kids occupied and having fun. One of our couples who had a kids table brought a large cardboard paper “table cloth” and some crayons, allowing the kids to color on it.

If the kids are younger, try not to put the kid’s table too far from where their parents are sitting, as littler children might get anxious when they look around and don’t see Mom and Dad. If, on the other hand, your flower girl and ring bearer are the only children present, feel free to seat them with their parents.

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Having trouble deciding where to place your guests? Ask your future spouse, your parents, and your future in-laws for help. Include them in the process by giving them a say as to where their friends should be seated. They’ll be able to tell you who knows each other, where a common interest would be, and also who to avoid sitting next to one another.


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7 Tips on Creating Seating Charts for Your Wedding | Organizing

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