The Just Marry! Team

At Just Marry!, we are committed to creating a trusting and genuine relationship with you and your family as you begin this new chapter in your life. Our highly regarded team is not only trained in every logistic of wedding planning, but has the poise and style to make your planning absolutely outstanding!

Get to know our wedding planning team!

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[fusion_modal name=”susanbio” title=”Susan Southerland: Attentive” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]Susan founded Just Marry! in 1992 in the bedroom of her parents’ home. Since then, she has collaborated with thousands of couples to plan their big days. Her tenacity, talent and persistence helped her grow her company to include divisions for weddings, social events and corporate destination management. She is also a renowned speaker, author, business coach, and TV personality. She is the National Wedding Expert for Perfect Wedding Guide and is one of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine’s A-List Planners.

While she has received many accolades and awards, Susan’s proudest business accomplishment is her company and team she has built. Just Events! Group, Inc. is a family-friendly business filled with employees who genuinely care about their clients and each other. When Susan isn’t entrenched in the business, she loves traveling and having adventures with her husband and four children.

“I enjoy listening to my clients describe their perfect wedding and helping make it a reality. Together, we can make magic happen!”


[fusion_modal name=”karenbio” title=”Karen Gingerich: Dedicated” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]KarenKaren started with Just Marry! in 2009 as the assistant to the company president, Susan Southerland. Her background in high-level administrative positions gave her a strong base for wedding planning, and within two months she was coordinating weddings. Although she has stepped away from wedding planning to focus on company growth, she’ll always have a fondness for making couples’ wedding dreams come true!

Karen has a talent for understanding people. She knows the importance of recognizing individual personalities and unique needs. When she isn’t managing our team of planners, you can find her relaxing at the beach, writing, and spending time with her family.

“When it comes to capturing my personality, I think Myers-Brigg is spot on. I’m an INFJ, a person who enjoys consulting and cooperating with others and helping them reach their full potential.”


[fusion_modal name=”jenniferbio” title=”Jennifer Haskell: Detailed” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]JenniferJennifer has been working in the event industry for the past eight years coordinating weddings, social events, and corporate events. Her commitment to details defines her enthusiasm for creating unique and unforgettable events that celebrate the most important day in a couple’s lives. Along with her passion for creating personal relationships with her couples, her keen eye for every aspect of design helps her create a seamless and beautiful event every time. She has a passion for making a couple’s ideas come to life.

Jennifer’s favorite aspect of any wedding is the floral, believing that floral is the breath of life in an event. When she’s not hard at work on creating wedding masterpieces, you can find her steps away from the ocean or at the local farmer’s market with her family.

“I have truly fallen in love with every detail that goes along with designing everything from an intimate soiree to a lavish celebration. Everything starts from an idea, so let’s get to work! Happy Planning!”

[fusion_modal name=”leannabio” title=”Leanna McDonald: Exuberant” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]LeannaSince the day she was a flower girl in a family friend’s wedding, Leanna fell in love with every aspect of weddings. She decided that one day she would be involved in making others see the beauty in them, too. She has always been a planner and has a passion for making others happy. She has worked in the events industry with artists, business owners, children, and now weddings…which is her true passion! Leanna recently earned her Gay Wedding Institute (GWI) Certification, and is excited to plan weddings with all couples seeking to have an Orlando destination wedding.

Leanna loves being able to say she has her dream job and that she doesn’t “work” a single day. When she isn’t planning clients’ special days, she’s planning things to do with her friends and family. She loves spending a day at the beach, on the boat at the lake, or simply having dinner and chatting with her family.

“I love learning all about the couple and where their love first kindled. Then my job is to bring that light into their wedding day!”

[fusion_modal name=”rachelbio” title=”Rachel Spencer: Passionate” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]RachelAt an early age, Rachel discovered her passion for organization and her keen eye for detail. Rachel has always been considered the planner of the group for family and friends. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Organizational Communications. Upon graduation from UCF, she gained professional knowledge in event planning and social media and decided to forge a career out of those experiences!

When Rachel isn’t planning events, she’s spending time with her husband, two cats, friends, and family. She loves to spend the day at the beach, seeing the newest movies, and catching up on the latest fashion trends at the local mall.

“I love seeing the moment that the couple first walks down the aisle together as newlyweds! It’s a beautiful moment that I am honored to witness.”

[fusion_modal name=”kimbio” title=”Kim Blanc: Devoted” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]KimKimberly first found her love of planning through catering dinners and events for her friends and family. She loved organizing those occasions because it took the stress off everyone else and it was something she had a passion for. She went to Florida State University to obtain a Hospitality Management degree to fulfill her dream of becoming an Event Manager. She loves organizing an event from the start and then being able to see how spectacularly it all comes together.

When Kimberly isn’t planning events, she’s planning her next travel adventures with her friends and family. She also loves spending the day in the sun with a good book, cheering on her collegiate football team, and exercising with her dog.

“I love seeing the joy the couple has on the wedding day. They finally get to see everything they’ve planned come together. It’s exciting to see how happy they are on their special day!”

[fusion_modal name=”victoriabio” title=”Victoria Van Pelt: Determined” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]DanielleVictoria found her passion for weddings and events when she realized she had a niche for planning and organizing. She loved planning parties for her friends and family and seeing their eyes light up as it all came together. It was then that she decided to pursue a degree in Event Management at the University of Central Florida and immerse herself in any and everything wedding and event-related. She’s happy to be able to say that she does what she loves for a living.

Aside from planning events, Victoria enjoys spending quality time with friends and family and scrolling through Pinterest to get inspired for her next project. She also has a fondness for frosting cakes and arranging flowers. She loves to constantly test her creativity!

“My favorite part about planning weddings is watching the unforgettable walk down the aisle. To me, it always feels like time has stopped and all eyes are on the happy couple. You’ll most likely catch me wiping away my tears as I swoon over the couple’s first glimpse of each other!”

[fusion_modal name=”daniellebio” title=”Danielle Zarrella: Diligent” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]AlexandraWhile working in the hospitality industry, Danielle quickly discovered she had a passion for people and weddings. It was at that time she knew she had made the right decision pursuing a degree in Event Management at the University of Central Florida. A natural planner, Danielle knew that weddings were exactly where she belonged. She often tells people that work for her never really feels like “work” since she loves her job so much!

When Danielle isn’t planning weddings, she can be found spending time with her family and friends, shopping, writing, and visiting her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys learning new things about the event industry, and is constantly reading about the latest and greatest trends in weddings. She loves to learn about anything to help make her clients’ dreams come true!

“After the planning process is done and the big day has arrived, I love to watch the couple’s reactions of seeing each other as they walk down the aisle. At that moment, you can see all the love they share in just one simple expression!”

[fusion_modal name=”alexbio” title=”Alexandra Rogers: Enthusiastic” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]Victoria
Alexandra has always had a passion for the events industry, striving to perfect every detail and providing excellent customer service. She loves building one-of-a-kind relationships with her clients to help them make their dreams come true. She earned her degree in Event Management at the University of Central Florida, where she was able to fulfill her love of planning small and large productions.

In Alexandra’s spare time, you can find her exploring Orlando with her friends, doing yoga, and researching her next travel destination.

“My favorite part about wedding planning is seeing how happy the couple is when they walk back down the aisle hand in hand after being pronounced!”

[fusion_modal name=”jessicabio” title=”Jessica Yutangco: Passionate” size=”large” background=”” border_color=”” show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]Jessica Jessica has always had an affinity for planning events and making everything around her beautiful. She has an inherent love for weddings and decided to turn that into her dream career by pursuing Event Management and Hospitality Management degrees at the University of Central Florida. With her natural organization and planning skills, becoming a wedding planner was the perfect fit! She is proud to say that she loves her work and couldn’t imagine a better job!

Besides planning weddings, Jessica loves exploring new places with friends, trying out new baking recipes, and coaching figure skating classes. She is inspired by new wedding trends, and is constantly scouring Pinterest and Instagram for fresh, creative ideas. She enjoys presenting her clients with beautiful and personalized details for their big days!

“My favorite part about the wedding day is watching the couple deliver their vows to each other. There is always so much love and excitement in their eyes and words that I almost always tear up. That is the moment that we have been planning for, and it’s so fulfilling to see their dreams come true!”