5 Unique Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

January 6, 2015 by Just Marry!

Today’s couples are stretching the boundaries of wedding tradition. From choosing unconventional wedding venues to exploring adventurous reception food options, couples want to make their weddings memorable in fun and exciting ways! One of the trends we’re seeing is unique forms of wedding entertainment. Here are five of our favorites from recent events:

Cirque du Soleil – Imagine performers suspended from the ceiling by colorful fabric, whirling around a stage in a human-sized hoop, and aweing guests with unbelievable acts of daring and flexibility. As long as you choose a wedding venue with enough space, you could hire a few performers to entertain your guests during your cocktail hour or just before the reception dancing.

Dance Class – We’ve had couples bring in instructors to offer a special dance class for their guests. The style of dance has varied from belly dancing to line dancing to the waltz. This form of entertainment goes over well because guests generally start out at the beginner level together and don’t feel as self-conscious getting onto the dance floor. Couples considering this option should choose a style of dance that either reflects their culture or suits their wedding theme.

Living Tables – We work with a remarkably talented makeup artist here in Orlando who designs living statues. (Imagine characters who sit in the center of tables.)  Guests get a real kick out of picking up hors d’oerves from a smiling senorita table, or a slice of cheese from what appears to be a stone bust. Get some inspiration at makeupbyjulie.com/livingtables.htm.

Artists – While photo booths remain a popular fixture at weddings, we’re seeing a rise in entertainment in the form of artists you might not expect at weddings. Silhouette artists, face painters, caricaturists, and even watercolor painters are making appearances in weddings all over the country. Seek out local talent and you might just get a bargain from an up-and-coming star!

Fun and Games – Consider using your programs, menu cards, and/or table numbers in an interactive game for your guests. Create a scavenger hunt or ask trivia questions, and provide your guests with pencils in your wedding colors at their tables. This is a great way to get guests up and moving during the reception!

While you should certainly be the focal point at your wedding, including interesting entertainment can add lots of memorable fun to the big day. We’d love to hear some of your ideas!

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