5 Things to Know about Wedding Cakes

June 26, 2016 by Just Marry!

Today we have some wonderful insights to share with couples about their wedding cakes. Thanks so much to Yael Vilenski Miller of Ooga Ooga Cake Design, Richard Gregory from Sprinkles Custom Cakes of Orlando, Sharon Haller of Cut the Cake, and Priscilla Lucas of Party Flavors Custom Cakes for offering their valuable input!

  1. Less is more. Not every tier of your cake needs to be a different flavor and/or filling, and the design doesn’t have to be overly elaborate to be beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with picking your favorite flavor combination and going with a simple design. Simple can be elegant…simple can be rustic….simple can be romantic!
  2. Think about where your cake will be placed. Cakes don’t do well in direct sunlight or the heat for long periods of time. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, do what you can to have the cake kept cool until just before the cake cutting.
  3. Think timeless, not trendy. A cake trend today might not be popular by the time you get married. Go with what you truly love instead. If you have questions about what’s trendy versus timeless, always feel free to ask us. We love educating couples and helping them make the best decisions for them!
  4. While we can accommodate last-minute orders, it generally takes time to design and make your cake. Please keep in mind that our orders can fill up months in advance, especially during our busy seasons. Also, those pretty edible decorations you want to include on your cake can take days to create and dry. We recommend placing your order at least six months before the wedding.
  5. Wedding cakes are priced per serving. Some of the cakes you see on sites like Pinterest may fall outside of your budget. As a baseline, you can generally expect to pay between $5.00 and $9.00 per serving for a professionally made wedding cake. To give you an idea of sizing versus servings, here’s a quick primer for you: a 2-Tier round can feed 35-50; a 3-Tier round can feed 75-100; a 4-Tier round can feed 130-150; and a 3-Tier square cake generally feeds 100.

Do you have any other questions about wedding cakes or other wedding planning topics? Please leave us a comment or e-mail us at info@justmarry.com and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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