The Hottest 2022 Wedding Trends to Watch | Shopping

January 19, 2022 by Just Marry!

The Hottest 2022 Wedding Trends to Watch | Shopping

With the new year in full swing, so are the new and upcoming 2022 wedding trends. I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling 2022! We featured some of our favorite 2022 wedding trends a few weeks ago, but there are so many fabulous wedding trends and styles that we just had to share more. Today, I’m sharing some more of the hottest 2022 wedding trends to watch!

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Welcome parties

After the last two years of COVID craziness, couples are ready to go into full swing for their weddings, and this includes welcome parties! These parties typically happen a day or two prior to the wedding and allow the couple to meet and mingle with all of their guests prior to the wedding, alleviating that stress on the wedding day.

2022 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings - Welcome Parties

Virtual RSVPs

This new day and age of technology is making its way into the wedding world, as well. The use of virtual RSVPs is among the fastest growing 2022 wedding trends. You might see these via the couple’s wedding website or a QR code included on the wedding invitation. Hopefully this will mean less late RSVPs or invites getting lost in the mail!

Intimate destination weddings

With intimate weddings and micro weddings still on the rise, we expect to see more destination weddings in 2022. Grab your family and closest friends and head to a beautiful destination—like Orlando (wink, wink)—to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

Darker color palettes

Also among the hottest 2022 wedding trends is a shift away from light and classic wedding colors. Couples are experimenting more with moodier and earthy color palettes. Expect to see more rustic tones like rust, clay, oatmeal, mustard yellow, and terracotta, as well as bolder jewel tones like violet, ruby, emerald, and sapphire blue.

2022 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings - Earthy Color Palettes

Puff sleeve dresses

Puff sleeves are making quite the comeback! Strapless dresses will always be a classic style, but these 80’s throwback sleeves are growing in popularity. Whether it’s a short puff sleeve or a long one, this look gives any dress a magical, princessy vibe!

Unique wedding arches

Traditional rounded wedding arches are out, fun alternatives are in! Hot among 2022 wedding trends are unique arches that better fit with the couple’s aesthetic. The arches we plan to see this year might include a copper or other metallic arch, a hexagonal arch or other geometric designs, a triangle Boho arch, and even whimsical balloon arches!

2022 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings - Arches

Minimalist design and decor

Sometimes less is more! In the year to come, some couples are planning a minimalist look with simple décor such as classic white florals and greenery. The minimalist style gives any wedding the perfect simple, yet elegant look!

Celestial wedding themes

One of the 2022 wedding trends lingering from 2021 is the popularity of celestial wedding themes. Think crescent moon ceremony altar décor, twinkle lights throughout the event space, rich hues of blue and purple in the florals and fabrics, silver metallic accents, outdoor venues, and clear acrylic signage. Talk about dreamy!

2022 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings - Celestial Theme


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The Hottest 2022 Wedding Trends to Watch | Shopping

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