Looking Ahead to the Hottest 2021 Wedding Trends | Discovering

November 11, 2020 by Just Marry!

Looking Ahead to the Hottest 2021 Wedding Trends | Discovering

It’s one of my favorite times of year: looking ahead to 2021 wedding trends! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, weddings are a little different this year thanks to COVID-19. We’re seeing a number of those trends filtering into 2021 weddings, some of which might be here to stay. Today I’m sharing the 2021 wedding trends that couples are excited to bring into their big day!

2021 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings


#1 - Micro Weddings

Expect to see smaller weddings in 2021. With many venues currently limiting guest counts, couples are trimming their guest lists. Our team has been helping couples plan micro weddings for many years, but these weddings of 50 or fewer guests are definitely gaining in popularity! The chaos of 2020 has couples clamoring for a stress-free and intimate wedding experience. One of the best things about micro weddings is they allow you to spend quality time with your dearest family members and friends, something that is more important than ever these days!

2021 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings

#2 - A Focus on Beautiful Floral & Decor

Couples impacted by COVID-19 who booked wedding ceremonies or receptions in places meant for large groups of couple are getting creative with their wedding designs. Booking more floral and décor is a great way to make larger spaces feel less empty and more welcoming. With wedding guest counts getting smaller, there’s more room in the budget for gorgeous décor elements, from lush centerpieces to beautiful charger plates!

2021 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings

#3 - Welcome/Care Gifts for Guests

Another 2021 wedding trend inspired by COVID-19 is the gifting of carefully thought-out welcome and care boxes for wedding guests. These gifts are intended to help guests stay safe during these unpredictable times, and typically include items such as face masks, tissues, hand sanitizer, and travel sized sanitizing wipes. These are all items that your guests will appreciate, and couples can tie them into their wedding themes by customizing pretty much everything!

#4 - Individual Servings

Catering teams are serving food differently than they used to, another 2021 wedding trend we think will continue for some time to come. Wedding cake is being served to guests rather than displayed for them to collect themselves. Hors d’oeuvres and desserts are being offered in individual sizes and served to guests, either as requested or on plates featuring one of every available option. And let me just say that mini cakes and desserts are probably my favorite 2021 wedding trend so far!

2021 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings

#5 - Fun, Eclectic Mismatched Furniture

A 2021 wedding trend that is getting more popular each year is the use of eclectic/mismatched furniture in a wedding’s design. Not only could having mismatched furniture save you money, it adds a wonderfully whimsical touch to your wedding look. This trend works especially well with rustic or shabby-chic themes. My tip: be sure to have some point of cohesiveness when following this trend. For example, if you’re doing different styled chairs, make sure they are similar in color.

2021 Wedding Trends - Just Marry Weddings

BONUS 2021 Wedding Trend Alert

Brunch and lunch weddings are on the rise, and we love it! Hosting weddings earlier in the day allow couples time to chill and relax—or extend the celebration—with their guests later in the day. Here in Orlando, one of the popular trends is hosting an intimate micro wedding ceremony in the morning or early afternoon and heading out to the area’s theme parks. Guests absolutely love it, and the entire experience creates so many incredible memories!


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Looking Ahead to the Hottest 2021 Wedding Trends | Discovering

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