From Save the Dates to Invites: 2021 Wedding Stationery Trends | Analyzing

December 2, 2020 by Just Marry!

From Save the Dates to Invites: 2021 Wedding Stationery Trends | Analyzing

As 2021 quickly approaches for our nearlyweds, I wanted to share all the latest and greatest stationery trends that you should expect to see. With save the dates and invitations being some of the first things your guests see, your stationery sets the tone for your wedding day!

This year especially, we’ve seen many new stationery trends, from “Change the Dates” to digital stationery, to themed colors and textures. There’s a lot to cover, but don’t worry. Read on to learn all about the beautiful options for your wedding stationery!


#1 - Change the Dates

With the world still in such unpredictable times, Change the Dates have become one of the biggest trends we’re seeing heading into 2021. Some weddings are postponing to future dates due to COVID-19, and Change the Dates are a nice way to let all of your guests know about your change in plans. We’ve seen Change the Dates personalized with an engagement photo, customized to the color or theme of the wedding, and even in digital format to keep everyone informed quickly and in one location so guests can never lose the new date!

Wedding Stationery Trends - Just Marry Weddings

#2 - Going Digital

Speaking of digital, this is another wedding stationery trend we’re seeing! Wedding websites offer so many options these days. Many sites even give guests the opportunity to “open” their invitation and RSVP to your event right on the website! This is a great way to save money on printed stationery, make changes if need be, and keep all the event information in one place so guests can check back for updates and information about the event.

Wedding Stationery Trends - Just Marry Weddings

#3 - Creative Designs

These days, couples can find just about any design and color stationery to fit their wedding theme! We’re seeing lots of greenery trims, metallic foils that accent wedding color schemes, and bolder color selections. Think vibrant, bright colors or moody deep gem tones. Minimalist designs are also a unique 2021 stationery trend we expect to see! Less is more, right?

The coming year will also feature textured designs, such as 3-D cutout-type textures, belly bands, hand-cut sleeves for invites, and more! It’s the little details in your wedding stationery that will produce a “wow” factor for your guests and get them excited for what’s to come!

#4 - Nontraditional Wording

As 2021 approaches, another wedding stationery trend we’re anticipating is less formal wording. Because invitations these days are so customizable, you can really change up the wording to reflect you as a couple!

I personally opted for something along the lines of “Please join us as we say ‘I do!’” on our invites. At the time, it felt casual, and I was worried what people may think, so it’s exciting to see that this trend is going to be more prominent in 2021!

Wedding Stationery Trends - Just Marry Weddings

#5 - Eco-Friendly Options

For our environmentally conscious couples, 2021 is your year! This is a trend we can stand behind for years to come. Using materials that are more eco-friendly, such as recycled paper, is trending for this upcoming year.

We’re also seeing biodegradable stationery options that incorporate wildflower seeds in them. This makes for a beautiful invite with the option to let the couple’s love grow – literally! Burying the biodegradable paper with the seeds allows the paper to break down and the seeds to grow into something beautiful. It’s a great way to have your guests remember your day for years to come!

Wedding Stationery Trends - Just Marry Weddings


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From Save the Dates to Invites: 2021 Wedding Stationery Trends | Analyzing

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