2016 Wedding Watch: Spotlighting the Trends Post 2

January 16, 2016 by Just Marry!

Let’s put the spotlight on two more 2016 wedding trends predicted by Creative Director Jennifer Haskell. We’ll be running this feature throughout the year. Today is post two of four that we’re running this month to kick off the series. Here are two more hot trends that Jennifer predicts will be all the rage this year:

Blended wedding parties. The legalization of same sex marriage has led to a rise in mixed-gender wedding parties. We’ve seen this filter into opposite sex weddings, as well. Men of Honor and Best Ladies will mix and mingle with groom’s ladies and bride’s men. There are no boundaries in who you invite to stand up at your wedding!

Baby’s breath is IN again! Floral designers strayed from this 1980s staple as we moved into the 90s and 2000s, but I’m happy to say it’s coming back into favor now. I just love bunches of baby’s breath as floral accents around the ceremony and reception! Such a sweet and simple touch.

Check out some of our pins featuring these 2016 wedding trends on our Wedding Trend Alert Pinterest board!

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