2016 Wedding Watch: Spotlighting the Trends Post 4

January 27, 2016 by Just Marry!

Today we’re wrapping up this month’s 2016 wedding trend predictions made by Just Marry!’s Creative Director Jennifer Haskell. Keep an eye out for future posts on this topic throughout the year! For now, we’ll round out the month with these last two wedding trend predictions:

Baring those shoulders. Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns have eased into popularity with Boho-chic style weddings. I see this trend growing this year, especially paired with delicate lace sleeves. So princess-like!

Wood and woodland themes. The rustic and vintage wedding trends of the past couple years have made couples fall in love with using natural elements in their wedding décor, and wood tops the list. I expect 2016 weddings to feature more pine bough centerpieces, real log cake stands, and tall lit trees as ceremony backdrops.

Check out some of our pins featuring these 2016 wedding trends on our Wedding Trend Alert Pinterest board!

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