Wedding Planning Goals You Should Set Now

Whether you just got engaged or your wedding is coming up soon, this is the perfect time to set your planning goals for 2018. So many details go into planning a wedding that you may have trouble figuring out where to start or what to do next. Worry not! We’ve got some suggestions for the top goals to set at each stage of your engagement:

Newly Engaged:

  • Share the news! Make a goal to notify every special person in your life about your engagement either over the phone or in person. It can be tempting to use social media for this announcement, but trust us…this occasion calls for the personal touch!
  • Set a budget. This is the time to sit down with your parents and/or anyone else who might be contributing to your wedding budget so you know how much you have to spend. Once you set that budget, stick to it!
  • Create a guest list. You need to know how far your budget will stretch per guest. The best way to establish this is by narrowing down your guest list as much as possible. Bonus tip: note that the food and beverage pricing you’ll receive from caterers will likely not include tax or service fees, some of which may be 25% or higher. Always get all-inclusive pricing to be sure a menu or service is within your budget.
  • Set a date. Before you can begin hiring vendors or book a venue, you need to have at least a tentative wedding date. It doesn’t hurt to be somewhat flexible in case a venue or vendor you truly love isn’t available on your first choice of date. If that happens, book that prized venue or vendor first and consider the date set!
  • Consult with your planner. Whether you’ve decided to do your own wedding planning or work with a professional wedding planner, this is the best time to get organized and set a timeline. Set an appointment with your planner or do plenty of research to get a clear plan in place.

Six Months before the Wedding:

  • Perform a budget check. At every stage of your planning, you need to consult your budget line items. Anywhere you have overspent, you need to make up for it on another line item.
  • Finalize your wedding party. By this point, you should know which of your friends and family members you want standing by your side at the altar. Invite everyone to stand as your attendant by this point in your planning so they have time to budget for the related expenses.
  • Buy your wedding dress. Many custom-ordered wedding gowns take at least six months to get in. Give yourself plenty of time to choose that perfect gown.
  • Send Save the Dates. While this isn’t essential, it has become quite common to send Save the Dates. Six months before the wedding is the perfect time to send them out to anyone who will be receiving an invitation.
  • Secure all of your services. Now is the time to make sure all of your deposits have been paid for your venue and vendors. If you don’t have a wedding planner, be sure you pay attention to your contracts and when all of your various payments are due so you don’t risk defaulting and losing a service.

Six Weeks before the Wedding:

  • Send the invites. Whether or not you send out Save the Dates, we recommend sending invitations at least six weeks before the wedding date…eight if you’re hosting a destination wedding.
  • Schedule final fittings. Your wedding attire will take at least two appointments to finalize, so schedule fittings for around this time and about two weeks before the wedding.
  • Plan your honeymoon. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to finalize any travel plans for your honeymoon. If you’re hosting a destination wedding and honeymoon, you should already have the travel arranged by now but you may want to look into booking a few special outings for you and your future spouse on your honeymoon.
  • Begin the agenda. You can help set your mind at ease by getting the general flow of your wedding day timeline started at this point in your planning. Schedule a meeting with your wedding planner to review the timing details or find a template you like online to begin an agenda yourself.
  • Go on a date. It can be so easy to get caught up in wedding planning that couples forget to spend time with each other, adding stress to their relationship. Be sure you schedule time for just the two of you where the last thing you discuss is the wedding. This special time of being an engaged couple will pass quickly…enjoy every moment!

Let us know your wedding planning goals and how we can help you achieve them! E-mail us at and we’ll get back to you right away to get started.