Wedding DIY Series Week 5: Customized Bar Sign

Welcome to Craft with ME! In this series of posts, Just Marry!’s Creative Director, Jennifer Haskell, demonstrates how she earned her crown…er, title. Follow this series to pick up some handy DIY tips specializing in the Cricut DIY tool, and learn how to craft wedding elements that will WOW your guests and take your wedding to the next level!

Customized Bar Sign

Signage at weddings is all the rage, and it’s a relatively simple DIY project. The Cricut makes crafting signs even easier and more professional looking than by hand, which will allow you to have wedding signage that will rival that found on any Pinterest board. Whether your message is funny, romantic, or practical, you can use this step-by-step process to craft perfect signs every time. Check out what I made this week:

Materials Needed:

(2) Gold Cardstock standard sheet

(1) Black Cardstock standard sheet

(1) White Cardstock standard sheet

(2) Cricut Pens (Gold Metallic and Midnight Black used)

Black Sharpie

Craft Glue

11×14 Frame

Crafting Mat



  1. Type the verbiage of your choice into your Cricut online design board. Play around with different fonts. Tip: choose a font that complements your other wedding stationery.
  2. Make sure to check your “Layers” tab to set it to Write (and insert your pen color choice here).
  3. Place an empty square around the text to have it print out evenly. I used an 8×8 square to get started.
  4. Add the white cardstock to your design board and load it into your Cricut.
  5. Begin your project! Make sure to stick close to the machine to pen transitions during your project.
  6. Remove your written card stock from the crafting mat.
  7. For a hand-done calligraphy look, I suggest retracing the black typing with a Sharpie.
  8. Begin a fresh project on your Cricut online design board.
  9. Add a blank square in a size larger than your white paper (for this part, I used 8.5×8.5).
  10. Add the black cardstock to your design board and load in into your Cricut.
  11. Begin your project.
  12. The (2) gold cardstocks went side by side in the frame to cover the whole backing.
  13. Using craft glue, I attached the black and white pages together, and then lined them up in the center of the frame for placement.
  14. Set your gorgeous new sign on the reception bar and allow your guests to bask in your brilliance!

Craft with ME Bar sign