Welcome to Craft with ME! In this series of posts, Just Marry!’s Creative Director, Jennifer Haskell, demonstrates how she earned her crown…er, title. Follow this series to pick up some handy DIY tips specializing in the Cricut DIY tool, and learn how to craft wedding elements that will WOW your guests and take your wedding to the next level!

Customized Charger Plates

Today let’s craft some beautiful charger plates! For those of you who don’t know, charger plates are the large, often colorful plates that sit underneath dinner plates. Chargers are purely decorative and not meant for eating off of them. They make a simple but elegant statement on any reception table, and you can even allow your guests to take them home as lovely favors! Let’s begin, shall we?

Materials Needed:

Minimum of 12×12 Inches of Vinyl in the Color of Your Choice

Crafting Mat

Pointed Wooden Skewer



  1. Choose your design. You can do a monogram, your names or wedding date, the words “Thank You,” or any wording that appeals to you. I decided on Happily Ever After. So sweet and romantic!
  2. Measure the diameter of the charger plate to make sure the design fits.
  3. Think about what else will be on the charger plate before crafting your design. I opted to set the design lower on my charger plate, for example, because I knew I would be adding a napkin bow to round out the overall look.
  4. Type out the text your chose on your Cricut online design board.
  5. Add your vinyl to your crafting mat and load it into your Cricut. Set the Cricut to “Vinyl.”
  6. Begin your project!
  7. Unload your project and then peel off the vinyl that isn’t being used. I’ve found that starting from a corner works best.
  8. Using the point of the wooden skewer, lift up any remaining pieces of vinyl between the letters so only the letters remain.
  9. Once your letters are all ready, make sure to wipe your project surface for any dust particles that may cause lumps in the project.
  10. Find your center point on the charger and place the letters. Note that the vinyl pulls up and down really easy, so if you make a mistake, you can lift it and redo it.
  11. Now dazzle your guests with your crafting skills by displaying your new masterpiece at your wedding!

charger plate collage