Guest Post: 12 TV Proposals We Love

Today we’re happy to be featuring another wonderful guest post by Ronnie Berg with The American Wedding! Having been in business since 1919, this company has served generations of satisfied customers with their quality and values. Today Ronnie is sharing some of the knowledge and predictions the company has gathered through their staff of more than 250 great employees.


Read on for a fun post about 12 amazing TV proposals!

  1. Jim and Pam, The Office

There is no other TV couple we rooted for more than salesman Jim Halpert and receptionist Pam Beesly. These lovers began as office pals and stayed that way while Pam was engaged to one of the floormen downstairs. Meanwhile, upstairs on the sales floor, Jim charmed his way into Pam’s heart. Their busy schedules and long-distance relationship made their meetings less frequent. All the while, Jim teased Pam with fake proposals. Finally, the two decided to meet at a gas station where, in the pouring rain, Jim got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life.


  1. Lady Mary and Matthew, Downton Abbey

None is more of a rollercoaster romance than that between Lady Mary and Matthew. With the historical and majestic Downton Abbey in the background, this 1920s-era drama is a stage for scandal. Forced to like each other before even meeting, the two could never be in love with each other at the same time. After their first failed proposal, their futures together looked grim, especially after both had found other fiancés and suitors. As all melodramas go, Mary was able to rid herself of her controlling fiancé and Matthew’s betrothed died tragically of the Spanish Flu. Both realized they still had feelings for each other and wouldn’t be satisfied with anyone else.


  1. Ben and Leslie, Parks and Recreation

There’s nothing sweeter than proposals in meaningful places. Ben Wyatt surprised us all by proposing to his girlfriend Leslie Knope in their new home in arguably one of the best seasons of the series. Instead of moving away for a better job with better compensation, he knew he had to stay in Pawnee to be with his love, Leslie. And, when he proposed, Leslie made sure we would remember every single moment of it. There was no need for save the date cards with this couple, because their wedding was planned in one day. The happy couple was wed in front of their closest and dearest friends in a sweet and cozy ceremony at the Parks and Recreation department at Pawnee City Hall.


  1. Booth and Bones, Bones

The on-air romantic chemistry between these characters is one of the most entertaining on TV. A light, investigative procedural, Bones follows anthropologist Tempest Brennen, or nickname Bones, as she examines human bones to crack and solve cases for the FBI. Bones, a logical thinker, is balanced out by Booth, a slick and clever FBI agent. Both faced obstacles in their relationship as they adapted to each other’s point of view. Nothing makes this clearer when Bones awkwardly proposes to Booth and gives him a bag of beef jerky.

  1. Sam and Diane, Cheers

Cheers was one of the hottest shows in the 80s. The show revolved around the dynamic patrons and workers of a Boston bar. Sam Malone, charming owner and recovering alcoholic, met his match during the pilot episode when debutant and intellectual Diane Chambers steps into the bar. For the first two seasons, they constantly challenged each other’s views. This all led up to a cliffhanger in the fourth season when Sam proposes on the telephone to an unknown recipient. It is revealed in the fifth season that it was Diane. She describes to Sam her ideal engagement, and he indulges her. He proposes on a yacht by the moonlight, only to be rejected in classic sitcom style.


  1. Chandler and Monica, Friends

In this episode of Friends, the show attempts TWO proposals in the same episode. After the first attempt is ruined by Monica’s ex, Richard, she takes control in classic Monica style. She sets the mood with candles all over the apartment and is determined to propose herself. Yet, in the moment, Monica couldn’t contain her emotions, explaining, “There’s a reason why girls don’t do this.” So, Chandler kneels and tells her exactly why he wanted to marry his best friend.


  1. Trevor and Hillary, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In this 90s classic, no one can forget the exciting yet tragic proposal of Hillary’s faceless fiancé Trevor. In the episode, Hillary comes in wearing a wedding gown and announces that Trevor is going to propose on television. Trevor makes a bold act of love by proposing while bungee jumping off a bridge. Hillary agrees, and is thrilled, only to be crushed when Trevor’s cord malfunctions and he falls to his death.


  1. Barney and Robin, How I Met Your Mother

For an extraordinary man with two hundred black diary entries, only a super extraordinary woman can be his partner and significant other, and that means she must be a former Canadian pop star. In typical Barney fashion, he tricks his friends into thinking he is proposing to someone else.


  1. Matt and Julie, Friday Night Lights

An excellent way to end a series is with the hope of a new beginning. And, that’s exactly what Matt and Julie got in Friday Night Lights. Matt Saracen comes home for Christmas and seeks out Julie, the coach’s daughter. In keeping with the southern charm of the show, Matt nervously proposes in front of the Alamo Freeze using his grandmother’s ring.


  1. Meredith and Derek, Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. McDreamy finds the one. In this memorable Grey’s Anatomy episode, Derek confesses his love for Meredith, bringing both their personal and professional relationship full circle. Decorated with scans of their first surgeries together, Derek commends Meredith’s skills in being an efficient doctor and courageous human being. Without asking or kneeling, Derek proposes by telling Meredith he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


  1. Charlotte and Harry, Sex and the City

The most “normal” seeming couple on the show, the two met at a single’s night at the local synagogue. Charlotte was quick to mold Harry to her specifications in order to rush the relationship. Enamored by her words and intentions, Harry proposes immediately. Turns out Charlotte didn’t have to make up a better story for her proposal, as it was as perfect as a storybook ending.


  1. Lorelei and Luke, Gilmore Girls

Sometimes, the best proposals are done with few words. In a show where dialogue is rapid fire, this proposal stands out from the rest. In the season 5 finale, Lorelai follows her heart and decides to propose to Luke. Lorelai is mid-sentence when Luke quickly answers “yes.”

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