When it comes to hiring your wedding vendors, there are generally two schools of thought. In School One, couples hire all of their vendors themselves. In School Two, couples work with a company (like Just Marry!, for example) who specializes in booking all-inclusive wedding packages where they hire the vendors. If you’re not sure which school to “attend,” here are some pros and cons about hiring your own wedding vendors that you might want to consider:


  • You have complete control. This means that you get to choose exactly which vendors you work with on your wedding. If you book a wedding package, the vendors are hired by the company providing the package and you don’t have much (if any) say in it.
  • Everything is transparent. When you book your own wedding vendors, you manage every contract. You know all of the specifics about each vendor and their service terms, including pricing, service start and end times, contact information, etc. If you book an all-inclusive package, those details are bundled together and managed by the company who books the vendors.
  • You can communicate directly with each vendor. If you hire your own vendors, you’re their point of contact. You can reach out to all of them with any questions or requests you might have, which can help you get more comfortable and familiar with them prior to your wedding day.


  • You have complete control. Hiring your own vendors means managing separate contracts, payment deadlines, service terms and conditions, etc. It also means you’re responsible for making sure they’re reliable, professional, properly insured, and familiar with your venue. When you book an all-inclusive package, all of that work is done for you by the company booking your services.
  • You have to communicate directly with each vendor. Planning a wedding is very time-intensive. Booking your own vendors means having to remain in contact with multiple vendors throughout the planning process. Booking an all-inclusive wedding package, on the other hand, means you have one point of contact…the person hiring all of your vendors for you.
  • If anything goes wrong, the responsibility falls on you. Hopefully your wedding will go flawlessly, but if anything does go wrong, you’ll be the one who has to step in and deal with it. If you book a package, the package coordinator will be responsible for making things right.

As you can see, the decision to hire your own vendors isn’t one to be made lightly! If you’re in School Two and would like more information about our all-inclusive wedding packages, hosting an Orlando destination wedding, and joining #myJMfamily, e-mail us at info@justmarry.com and we’ll get back to you right away!

xoxox, Karen