The Just Marry! family is simply thrilled to announce the engagement of one of our own, Danielle, to the love of her life, Jonathan. This blog series will follow Danielle as she transitions from wedding planner to wedding planning. Today we’ll kick off the series learning more about how these two lovebirds met and get the scoop about the big moment…their engagement!

Here’s what Danielle shared with us…though we’re pretty sure the opening should be “Once upon a time…”


I was leaving class at Rosen when I received a message on the dating app I was using at the time (and giving up on) from someone named Jonathan. I remember debating if I wanted to connect with him. After a few messages, I was glad that I did. We texted for some time, talked on the phone for hours, and finally decided it was time to meet. We had a plan to meet up for a quick drink at Bar Louie, and two drinks and two hours later, we realized it was nearly 11 PM.

I came home to my roommates who asked about the date, and I didn’t have much to say. This date felt different than any other. The only way I could describe it was that I just felt comfortable.

A couple nights later, Jonathan and I met up to watch a movie. I flew out to Boston for a wedding, and when I returned I knew I wanted to see him again, but still wasn’t sure how I felt about him. My mom pushed me to give him another chance, that she had a “feeling” about this one. So I did.

Fast forward a few weeks later, this guy is dragging behind me through Disney World—my favorite place. This was his first visit and I’m sure he wished it was his last! The whole day we stood in lines, sometimes in silence, and I remember telling everyone that I felt right just standing there with him. We could just “be.” There was no awkwardness, and the only thing I had to stop myself from doing was saying “I love you,” because that day I knew I did. On our boat ride back to the Magic Kingdom parking lot, I told him I could fall asleep right where I was, leaning my head against him, and he said, “Go ahead, I’ve got you,” and I trusted him to always have me from there on out.

I left for a trip to Boston to visit family over the summer, and Jonathan followed for a weekend trip to meet my family. They all instantly loved him. As we walked down the beach where I grew up, we both talked about knowing when you are full-fledged in love with someone and how you want to be with them. As we talked, Jonathan blurted out, “Well, I know that I do,” and it was a walk down that beach I will never forget.

I knew I wanted to marry him shortly after that Disney trip, and I had no problem making it quite apparent that’s what I wanted. I would sing, “If I only had a ring” in the tune of The Scarecrow’s song from the Wizard of Oz, and constantly sent photos of rings to him while he was at work. He may have thought I was crazy, but I was crazy about him.

While away one weekend, Jonathan went MIA for a few hours and I had a suspicion he had done some shopping. For the next two months to follow, I basically asked every day if he had bought a ring, and when he decided to do some cleaning up in our safe and “didn’t want me to mess anything up,” I thought perhaps he may have been hiding something.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year since I will be coordinating a wedding that evening and the weekend after is the start of the hectic baseball season for him. We planned dinner at Hemingway’s, a Key West-inspired restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, the resort where I always talk about getting married. As we walked around the resort, I couldn’t help but notice he was extra quiet and holding a jacket strangely next to his side. We sat at Oak Terrace, the ceremony site I love most at the Hyatt, and as we realized we needed to make our way to our dinner reservation, he suddenly said, “Well, I’ve been thinking, and this is probably a good time to ask…”

Before I knew it, he was pulling a ring out of that jacket, I was crying, and he said, “I don’t want to spend my life with anyone else, will you be my wife?”

He laughed, realizing that wasn’t the exact way he wanted to word that question, and followed with, “Will you marry me?” I, of course, laughed through my tears said yes.

And the best is yet to come!

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