Just Marry! Inspired: July 4th Weddings


We’d like to take a moment to wish everyone here in the U.S. a happy Independence Day! We also want to extend our thanks to all of the courageous men and women serving in the military. We hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


There are many things about Independence Day that make it a good holiday on which to host a wedding. While there are always potential pitfalls to holiday weddings (services costing more, limited vendor availability, guests possibly having other plans, etc.), there are also plenty of benefits. Today we thought we’d share a few things we love about 4th of July weddings!

  1. The food. Let’s face it: people look forward to the food at a wedding. The 4th of July is a terrific reason to offer up some fresh, light, and delicious food options. Grilling is practically expected, and side dishes can include Independence Day classics like roasted corn, fruit salad, pasta and potato salad, and strawberry shortcake…all of which can be presented in an elegant and sophisticated way if you wish!
  2. The drinks. You could serve a layered red, white, and blue punch if you’re really in the holiday spirit, or just go with some summer classics like flavored lemonades, iced tea, mojitos, and spritzers. Keeping your guests refreshed won’t be a problem!
  3. Patriotic colors. Unless you’re thinking outside the box, your wedding theme colors are already decided for you. We prefer the subtler earthy tones of an Americana color palette instead of bright reds and blues, but if you handle them with a soft touch, any shade will work to show your patriotic side.
  4. Getting everyone together. Many people spend July 4th with family and friends…everyone you typically want at your wedding. Having your wedding on this holiday gives your guests one more excuse to get together and celebrate!
  5. Fireworks. Many couples choose to have sparklers and/or fireworks at their weddings. July Fourth is one of the few days of the year when firework displays are taking place throughout the country, often for free. Use this to your advantage and give your guests a wonderful grand finale that your photographer can capture in breathtaking photographs.

Clearly, there’s a lot to enjoy about 4th of July weddings. Check out some of our favorite Independence Day wedding pins on our Holiday Wedding Ideas board, and let us know your favorite things about July 4th in the comments!