Where Should You Invest Your Wedding Budget? Where Should You Invest Your Wedding Budget?

There are plenty of wedding budgeting tools out there, but not all of them are going to prove the most helpful to you. Here at Just Marry!, we ask our wedding planning clients to use a special spreadsheet to rank all of their wedding expenses in order of importance to them. From there, we help them determine the percentage of their overall wedding budget to allocate to each category.


Compromises almost always have to be made, but this method of wedding budgeting gives our couples a great start towards getting the most important elements for their wedding within their budgets. Personal priorities aside, there are five categories that all couples should consider investing in for their wedding. Those categories are:


  1. Photography. We can’t say enough what a difference a professional wedding photographer makes. Good wedding photographers not only beautifully capture all of the most important aspects of the biggest day of your life, they help keep you calm and on schedule, serving as a key member of your vendor team throughout the day.
  2. Attire. Every couple should feel like royalty on their wedding day, and that begins with their wardrobe choices. You don’t have to splurge on expensive gowns or tuxes, but don’t skimp on things like proper undergarments, eye-catching accessories, and quality shoes.
  3. Setup. Every wedding involves setup of some kind. Setting up tables and chairs, assembling ceremony décor, placing centerpieces, tying chair sashes, ordering place cards…all of it needs to be done by someone. We strongly urge couples to hire a professional florist and wedding planner to assist with these things so that you and your guests can all enjoy your magical day.
  4. Food. Weddings are always celebrated with food. Thank your guests for being a part of your big day by offering them menu selections you choose with thought and care…not with a bargain-basement mindset.
  5. Entertainment. Again, weddings are celebrations! Reflect that in your entertainment choices. At a minimum, create a special playlist so there’s music for dining and dancing the night away. Ideally, hiring a band or DJ to help guide all of the events of the night will help make sure you and your guests enjoy every moment of this joyous occasion.


As we said, each wedding service category will rank differently for different people. Prioritize your own list and budget accordingly. By including the above items, you’ll help ensure your wedding day is everything you’ve ever dreamed!

What will top the list of priorities in your wedding budget? We’d love to know!

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