It’s hard to believe that 2017 is nearly halfway over already! Today we thought it would be fun to revisit our favorite wedding elements from the nearly one hundred weddings we’ve planned and coordinated so far this year. Check out what the team had to say:

Susan Southerland, Company President:

“My most memorable wedding so far was Taylor and James’ wedding in January. It’s so rare that we can successfully have a wedding ceremony and reception outside in Florida, but we did… almost. A big rain storm came in as dinner was finishing up, so our team and the DJ moved all the décor to a covered area so the guests could enjoy an evening of dancing without getting soaked. Prior to that, the look of the beautiful guest tables done by Lana at Fairbanks Florist, the market lights by Fyerfly Productions, and beautiful couple were breathtaking against the rolling hills and green grass of Bella Collina. It was an extraordinary look!”

Karen Gingerich, Director of Operations:

“I don’t work much on-site these days, but I won’t ever forget coordinating Amanda and Frank’s wedding at the WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort in January. This was a couple whose wedding had initially been booked on the Florida coast and had to move inland due to Hurricane Matthew. Despite their struggles, the couple was simply delightful and thrilled to be getting married. I absolutely loved the stunning brooch bouquet Amanda carried! It was both gorgeous and full of sweet sentiment.” Photo by BCI Photo.

Leanna McDonald, Senior Event Manager:

“My most memorable wedding was Jessica and Matthew’s Portofino Bay Hotel wedding. Jessica is Nigerian and Matthew respected this side of her culture. They both had an outfit change during the middle of the reception to dress in traditional Nigerian attire. Jessica and her sister even had a head wrap artist meet them in the room to create their head wraps on-site! The couple came back into the reception ready to party, and performed their dollar dance. The family and friends threw dollar bills at the couple as they danced to authentic Nigerian music, while the bridesmaids walked around them scooping the money up in bags for the couple. It was a new experience for me and it was stunning, entertaining, and intriguing!” Photo by Victoria Angela

Ashley Hernandez, Event Manager:

“My most memorable wedding of 2017 has to be Alix and Owen’s recent Swan wedding. I got to the venue and immediately had to make a decision about whether we’d be using the rain backup space in the Dolphin Ballroom. The ceremony was supposed to take place outside on the beach, but with the clouds rolling in and the sand kicking up, I had to make the executive decision to move everything inside.

To my surprise, I went to check the space and it was right in the middle of a corporate expo…so talk about an interesting sight of seeing a white dress swimming among blue business jackets! I checked the expo’s schedule to make sure our processional started when the attendees were in their meeting rooms and then got to work on that ballroom space. Our team worked with the Swan and Dolphin team to transform the space with available candles, lanterns, and plants, and together we created a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom.

Initially Alix was understandably unhappy about having to move her ceremony indoors, but after the transformation, the couple was extremely happy…and I was, too! I was really impressed with how two teams could come together in a short amount of time and build a masterpiece.”

Danielle Zarrella, Event Manager:

“My most memorable wedding so far this year was Melissa and Kevin’s wedding at the WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort. They had so many nice touches, such as ferns down the aisle, gorgeous floral, and a surprise visit from Mickey and Minnie. It truly was a magical wedding! The beach was a wonderful location for them, as they had some tropical accents in their floral, and guests enjoyed the beautiful weather after the ceremony before heading to Shula’s for dinner. It was a lovely ceremony that I will never forget!” Photo by Regina Hyman Photography

Victoria Van Pelt, Event Manager:

“One of my most memorable weddings from this year was the wedding of Janice and Kyle at Hammock House.  Janice and Kyle were two of the most wonderful brides! Their wedding was held outside on the lawn of the Hammock House in Sorrento. They had a gorgeous tent from Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals for their reception and had their ceremony just across the way. We used a silent generator to power the tent, market lighting, their caterers’ equipment, and the DJ. It was most definitely a memorable wedding!”

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One thing’s for sure…this has been an amazing year so far! We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store for us.

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