Considering Eloping? Read This First.

The vast majority of Just Marry! weddings are intimate destination weddings. Of those, about ten to fifteen percent are elopements. The official definition of elopement is “an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.” Nowadays, couples often elope with less secrecy, broadening the definition to couples who venture to another destination to be married privately without any guests.

Considering Eloping? Read This First.

An elopement can be an ideal arrangement. If it isn’t your first wedding or if one of you doesn’t have much family to speak of, eloping might be a great option. For others, eloping and marrying away from loved ones may defeat the purpose of having a wedding. If you’re considering an elopement, here are some important things to consider:


  • It’s cheaper. This is an unquestionable truth. Weddings often cost thousands of dollars. Eloping keeps the costs contained, even if the two of you travel for the elopement.
  • Planning is less involved. Many companies offer inclusive elopement packages, much like we do. Since you have only the two of you to worry about, making planning decisions is much less stressful.
  • There’s less drama. Weddings with guests naturally include a number of personalities and opinions. This can result in unwanted drama, spoiling the experience of planning the most important day of your lives. Eloping removes all of that…at least regarding the wedding planning!



  • Lack of celebration. The beginning of a marriage is a reason to celebrate. That’s why weddings exist! By eloping, you’re removing yourselves from the friends and family members who want to celebrate with you. This can make it feel less special.
  • You’ll likely disappoint people. Even if it’s just one person (often a mother of the bride or groom), there’s usually disappointment expressed towards couples who elope. Remember that drama you saved by eloping? This might just make up for it!
  • Regret isn’t uncommon. Eloping can feel spontaneous and exciting. Then, when you get home and hear the feedback from your friends and families and look through all of the wedding photos with just the two of you, regret can set in. Do a “20 year test” before making this decision. “In twenty years, will I be happy that I eloped?” If the answer is yes, you can rest easier about your decision.


If you’re still not sure whether you want to elope, you can always consider a compromise. Elope for your wedding ceremony and plan a big reception in your hometown afterwards, for example. Or elope and plan a one-year vow renewal for your friends and family. There are certainly options for everyone!

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