Celebrating 25 Years of Weddings with Just Marry!

Twenty-five years ago, young entrepreneur Susan Southerland started Just Marry!, Inc. and helped revolutionize destination weddings. Susan was one of the pioneers of the concept of inclusive wedding packages here in Orlando, partnering with venues like the Walt Disney World® Swan and Dolphin Resort to offer couples affordable, stress-free planning options. Our team has now worked with thousands of happy couples over the past 25 years…definitely a reason to celebrate!

Celebrating 25 Years of Weddings with Just Marry!

Since our company’s beginnings, there have been a number of changes in the wedding world. The early 1990’s sure had some—ahem—interesting wedding trends. We thought it would be fun to feature some of those today! Check these out:

  • The enormous bridal bouquet. Look back at photos of celebrities like Mariah Carey in the early 90’s and you’ll be hard-pressed to find the bride behind her huge bouquet. Thank goodness this trend started shrinking as the decade wore on!
  • The never-ending train. Thanks to Princess Diana in the 80’s, the trend of beyond-cathedral-length trains continued well into the 90’s. Just imagine the bustling involved!
  • The inexplicable headpieces. Unlike today’s diaphanous veils secured with pins or tidy hair combs, the 90’s saw some, well, eye-catching headpieces…not always in a good way. From headbands topped with poofy layers of tulle to even more intricate, top-heavy headpieces, this trend truly encompassed the extravagance of the decade.
  • The matchy-matchy wedding party. The 90’s brought about the trend of bridesmaids wearing identical gowns reminiscent of the bride’s (in a single signature color), carrying floral like the bride’s, and styling their hair and makeup similarly to the bride’s. We much prefer the complementary, not-matchy style of today’s weddings!
  • The disposable camera. Remember that the 90’s took place well before the advent of the smartphone. Even digital cameras didn’t come into popularity until the 2000’s. Thus, weddings 25 years ago often had disposable cameras on every table for guests to capture candids of themselves enjoying the wedding. In some ways, this was the early advent of the modern selfie!

Looking back on the past 25 years makes us both nostalgic and happy…nostalgic as we remember our couples from those early days and happy that many of the above trends went the way of big hair. Now that we’ve enjoyed celebrating our 25th year in business, we’re ready to look forward to the wonderful couples whose weddings we’ll help plan in the future!


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