8 Hacks We’ve Used to Save the Day at Our Weddings

The Just Marry! Team strives to make sure every one of our couples has an incredible, stress-free wedding day. We put forth a lot of time and effort leading into the big day to make sure everything is planned to perfection. Does that mean every wedding goes perfectly?

Of course not!

In fact, if there’s one constant when it comes to weddings, it’s that nothing ever goes exactly according to plan. That’s one of the reasons our couples hire us in the first place: to keep things on track when they’re threatening to derail. That means we’ve become experts at troubleshooting!

Here are eight examples of times we’ve had to draw on our wedding hacking skills to save the day:

  1. The stubborn shoe strap. A bridesmaid’s shoe kept slipping off and she couldn’t fasten it any tighter. She was bound to trip while processing up the aisle. The leather of the strap was so thick that no one could create a new hole in it. We ultimately used a corkscrew and got the job done!
  2. The botched boutonniere. We’ve had our share of floral mishaps pop up. Fortunately, we work with amazing floral vendors who help teach us tricks to work around any minor issues that might arise. One memorable instance had us short one boutonniere…the groom’s! We went to the bride, asked if we could use one of the flowers from her bouquet for her groom, and created a new boutonniere from that flower. It ended up being much more sentimental for both of them.
  3. The uncooperative unity candles. Many couples getting married in Florida opt to host outdoor ceremonies. What they sometimes don’t think about is how the weather can impact their ceremony. At one wedding, the couple had a candle unity ceremony and the tapers wouldn’t even light thanks to the steady wind. We went to the venue’s bar and discovered they had tall glasses we could use, then placed the tapers inside them. They worked perfectly to shield the tapers throughout the ceremony.
  4. The uncooperative undergarments. Despite our brides’ best efforts to have their gowns properly fitted, there have been a number of times where undergarments refused to remain hidden. Enter our team with our handy sewing kits and problem solved!
  5. The bungled bustle. Bustling a gown is a challenge in and of itself. Add in missing buttons or buttonhooks and you could have a total mess on your hands. White pipe cleaners have come to the rescue for our brides more than once. We use them to bolster any part of the bustle that may have “malfunctioned.”
  6. The colorless cake table. One of our couples wanted a plain white wedding cake, but when they saw it sitting in their reception space on a plain white table cloth, they were less than happy with the impression it made. We used an extra table runner and chair sash to bring some color to the table, helping the cake shine.
  7. The stained shirt. Then there was the time that the groom got a mysterious stain on his crisp white shirt in a place that his suit jacket didn’t cover. Wite-Out to the rescue! (It worked like a charm.)
  8. The frozen floral. Once upon a time, a florist dropped off wedding floral at the wedding location and the concierge, unfamiliar with floral, placed it in a refrigerator that was so cold it destroyed the floral. We ran out to the closest grocery store, bought all of the floral we could find in the couples’ colors, and created all new floral. The couple was thrilled with the results!

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