7 Essentials to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Spring is right around the corner, but for many couples in the northern part of the world, winter is still going strong. The weather can often be unpredictable, swinging from warm sunny days to inches of snow. If you’re one of those lucky couples getting married soon, you’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Here are seven ideas to help keep your guests happy and cozy in the winter:

7 Essentials to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

  1. Offer blankets. Set out a pretty basket filled with blankets for guests to use during your ceremony if it’s going to be held outside or in a cold location. You could also offer blankets to your wedding party if any of your photos will take place outside so they can warm up between smiles.
  2. Serve hot beverages. There are so many wonderful hot winter beverages. Consider a coffee and/or hot chocolate station prior to the ceremony and a hot toddy, hot buttered rum, or Irish Coffee signature drink during the reception to help warm guests.
  3. Bring in some portable heaters. For outdoor weddings in the winter, portable heaters are pretty much a must-have! Make sure they’re safety-rated and unobtrusive to ensure the attention of your guests remains where it should be: on you.
  4. Keep the fire going. If you’re having a winter wedding in a cold environment, it’s always a great idea to choose one with a fireplace or fire pit. Keep the fire going all night to give your wedding a focal point and a place for guests to gather and stay warm.
  5. Spice up your menu. Offering food options with a kick can help warm up guests, too. Add an Asian, Indian, or Mexican station, for example, since these cuisines are well-known for their use of spices.
  6. Dress appropriately. Encourage guests to consider the weather when choosing their attire. If you’re worried some guests might not take your warnings to heart, purchase some inexpensive gloves, scarves, and/or muffs to offer guests who get cold.
  7. Enhance your event with candlelight. Candles warm up a space both literally and visually. The glow on every table will add a practical yet romantic touch to any venue.


Are you having a winter wedding? Let us know what elements you included to keep your guests warm so other couples can follow your lead!

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xoxo, Karen