Unlike the standard formal photos in decades past, today’s engagement photos involve a great deal of creativity. Photographers are striving to reflect the personalities of their clients in photos that have almost become as important as the wedding photos themselves. Talented wedding photographer Tab McCausland has joined with us to offer up eleven valuable tips you should keep in mind to make the most of your engagement photo shoot:

11 Tips to Get Amazing Engagement Photos

  1. Choosing your photographer. Start with your wedding photographer when considering who you want to take your engagement photos. They might just offer a discount on an engagement shoot if you’re also booking their services for your wedding day. Budget win!
  2. Pick the setting carefully. You should choose a location for the photos that fits your personalities. Don’t feel pressured to take photos somewhere just because you saw them online if the location isn’t “you.” Feel free to be creative!
  3. Relax. These photos are meant to embrace your excitement about your engagement and your love for each other. Relax and enjoy yourselves.
  4. Incorporate signage if you want. Many couples are opting to include signage or props in their engagement photos. A popular choice is holding a plaque with your wedding date if you know it, but it can say anything you want.
  5. Look your best. Tab points out that there are only a few times in your life where hiring a professional stylist is a great idea, and this happens to be one of them. A possible thought is trying to schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial run on the day of your engagement shoot, though you don’t have to be nearly as formal in your dress and styling in your engagement photos as you probably will on the big day.
  6. Let your photographer know if you have a theme. Tying your engagement photos into your wedding theme can be fun. Mention this to your photographer ahead of time so he or she can come up with a great concept for the shoot.
  7. Make sure the lighting is perfect. In general, the best time of day to take photos is about an hour before sunset. Consult with your photographer about what time of day is best for your photos.
  8. Keep an open mind. You may already know what poses you want for your engagement photos, but give your photographer some freedom to take a variety of shots. You may be surprised by which ones turn out to be your favorites!
  9. Plan ahead. If you intend to publish a photo in the local paper, you’ll need to find out the required dimensions for the photo. The same type of planning will be needed if you want to use the images for any wedding stationery or keepsakes.
  10. Get ready to show your affection. As we said, engagement photos usually convey your love for each other. That means that you will likely be asked to kiss, hug, and otherwise get up close and personal in your photos. Do your best to be natural with it so your photos turn out beautifully!