10 Ways to Share Your New Engagement Ring

We’re on the tail end of engagement season, one of the most wonderful times of the year. If you happen to be one of the happy couples who got engaged over the holidays, congratulations! We’re sure you’ve personally connected with your closest friends and family members to share the big news. Now it’s time to let the rest of the world know, too!

Looking for a fun way to spread the word and show off that new ring? Check out these ten ideas:


  1. Visit the nail salon. A classic idea is taking a photo of your new manicure with your gorgeous new ring gleaming on your finger. Post it on social media and let the slew of responses ensue!
  2. Get your barista involved. Love coffee? Visit your local coffee shop and ask the barista to write “The Future Mr./Mrs. [Insert Last Name Here].” When you pose with the cup for your photo, make sure your ring visible.
  3. Twice the excitement. Give a thumbs up with your left hand in the foreground while your fiancé/fiancée does the same in the distance. Everyone will love your mutual excitement!
  4. The debonair kiss. A simply romantic pose is a close-up of your future spouse bringing your left hand to his/her lips and brushing it with a kiss. Swoon! As an added sweet touch, link your pinkies together in a pinky promise.
  5. A photo within a photo. Use your engagement ring hand to hold up photo of you and your new future spouse embracing after you said yes and then have someone photograph you holding the photo.
  6. Side-by-side. Much as you’ll be standing together at the altar, stand beside your dear love with your engagement ring wrapped around his/her arm so it’s visible to the camera. Too perfect!
  7. Set the stage. If you got engaged somewhere that everyone will know (such as Paris or Disney World), post a photo of your engagement ring hand extended towards a popular landmark in the background or framing the landmark with your hands curved like a heart.
  8. Use your hands. One straightforward way to display your ring is by writing a message like “I said yes!” on the back of your left hand and holding it up to the camera.
  9. Pick up a magazine. Have someone take a photo of you thumbing through a wedding magazine with your ring visible. There’s no way people won’t get the hint!
  10. And they lived... What is probably our favorite way to show off an engagement ring is a photo of the happy couple kissing with the stunning ring extended towards the camera. It just shouts “Happily Ever After!”


We’d love to hear how you shared your big news. Let us know in the comments!

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xoxo Karen